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Dylan Hughes at Wrexham?

An Observer

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He IS semi-cap-tied. He has played for Wales U-21 off the bench against Latvia in late August last year in an official UEFA match. For some reason, the Wales site did not list the roster for that match, though I have confirmed with the Latvian Football Association last winter that he had in fact played the full 90' (there are also numerous reliable media reports confirming that:



http://nso.football365.co.uk/news/story_122608.shtml )

When the CSA listed him on the January U-21 preliminary tournament roster, they did so mistakenly beleiving that he had not played in that match (the CSA confirmed that initial belief to me). What happened after CSA learned that in late-January (and what Dylan or antyone on his behalf may have told the CSA at various times) I could only speculate on, but the FIFA regulations do allow a one-time switch for non-senior players before the player turns 21, and he has not so applied. There are no indications that Dylan Hughes is in fact contemplating applying for a switch befor ehe turns 21 on January 23, 2006, and all indications and reports suggest he is planning on maintaining his present official Wales status.

The stuff about him supposedly wanting to stay in Germany last January for club reasons is nonsense, it is all about him wavering on his international commitments (which started with his screwing around on the 2003 WYC in UAE), to what extent I don't know. However, it is clear that his pronouncement of commitment to Canada by letter in September to Ian Kennet posted here:


was clearly Whoregreaves-standard poppy-cock.

The full story will probably never be known. However, there is room for a little bit of truth here... though don't shoot the messenger!

I for one am tired of this whole thing, but I'm also wary of allowing any continuing myths to fester, there is too much of this in Canadian soccer.

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Not to say that young Dylan won't develop into a good player in the future, but we are talking about someone cut from Kaiserslautern before making a mark in the reserves, signing with a third division team, and now has left (reason unknown). As it stands, we currently should not be too concerned. Not when we have youngsters his age and younger playing at higher levels.

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