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CPSL: The End Is Near


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Proposal 2005-024 was approved with an amendment by the OSA Board of Directors.

This Proposal approved:

1. the application from the Canadian Professional Soccer League to be the PROVINCIAL MEN'S PROFESSIONAL OUTDOOR LEAGUE IN THE PROVINCE OF ONTARIO under the jurisdiction of THE ONTARIO SOCCER ASSOCIATION during the 2005, 2006 and 2007 Outdoor seasons; and

2. the Terms Of League Operations for the Canadian Professional Soccer League for the 2005 outdoor season with the following amendments:

1. Laval Dynamites S.C. not be approved

2. Brampton United S.C. not be approved

3. CNSC Croatia Toronto not be approved

4. Metro Lions S.C. not be approved

5. Toronto Supra S.C. not be approved

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Guest HamiltonSteelers

I can only offer this insight... by the way that reads.

1. The CPSL wanted the endorsement of 'top soccer league' in Ontario however

2. the conditions of such endorsement hinged on the acceptance of all franchises and Laval, Brampton Utd., Croatia, Metro Lions and Supra failed whatever criteria.

So either the CPSL will ditch those clubs to gain the endorsement of the OSA or proceed as business as usual without the OSA's blessing. I'm going to guess the latter.

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In all honesty, what is there to be gained by obtaining an endorsement from the Ontario Soccer Association, especially considering that the league's territory, and future expansion plans, lie beyond the province's borders?

Secondly, what unrealistic criteria would the OSA have to not approve franchises with a long history of semi-pro soccer in the province (Croatia and Supra)?

This is all very strange news to me.

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Regardless of the name, it IS a provincial league. They need special permission to allow Laval to play - which was denied.

to quote the OSA report:

Proposal 2005-010 was denied by the OSA Board of Directors.

This was an application from the Canadian Professional S.L. to permit the following out-of-province Club to play in its league during the 2005 outdoor season:

Laval Dynamites

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I am sure there is more to this whole business than any of us currently knows.

The OSA no doubt has good reasons for it's decisions that are most likely unique to the CPSL situation.

Out of province teams competing in provincial leagues is certainly possible on occasion. My son was a member of a youth Eastern Ontario and District Select Team out of Ottawa during the early nineties. The team played in the Quebec elite league in Montreal for three seasons and won it twice as I recall. The only condition of participation imposed by the Quebec association was that the EODSA team understandably could not represent the province at the nationals as was normally the case, this would fall to the second placed Quebec based team.

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That's true, and the OSA has allowed Laval to play in previous years. The point I was making is that permission is required and in this case, was not granted.

I hope this is a sign that the OSA wants a professional league that we can be proud of, so they are taking this opportunity to 'cull the herd' and develop something with a strong base.

We shall see...

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