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NT geography lesson


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When was the last time we had a player appear in a full national match (men's) from any of the following provinces:



New Brunswick



Any of the territories

I am from Manitoba and while I think there is some quality in the local men's leagues, we haven't produced any big names in my memory (I am 22, so I haven't been following the scene that long).

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Kerr McLeod(Saskatchewan) is one of those young guns coming up fast. I think he's still in Holland (Vitesse Arnhem?) He's shown lots of promise. He might turn out to be the best footballer to come out of Saskatchewan, if not the prairies.

I'm certain there are other but he's the first one to jump out for me.

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You are right: he is in Holland with Vitesse Arnhem, listed as a member of the Vitesse A1 squad, which I think is U-18s, with one intermediary step between him and the full squad, called Jong Vitesse. (For example, Jonathan De Guzman plays for Jong Feyenoord, which is more or less the reserve squad, with some age restrictions).

McLeod's name only shows up in one of this season's match reports, though, so perhaps he is currently injured.

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quote:Originally posted by Ivan

I'll bite, going back a ways.

How about,

Manitoba - Tony Nocita (early 90s)

Saskatchewan - Kevin Holness (early to late 90s)

I thought Kevin Holness was in MNT against Northern Ireland (1999).

As for Manitoba, well, other than Tony Nocita (up to 1997),

there was this kid Brian Devenney (sp?) who played for the Olympic/Pan Am team in 1999.

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Tony rocked in the early '90s. Really sound. Never really broke into the next level. Way it goes I guess.

I'd say he was about 30 pounds lighter in those days...

Remember Holness being wicked quick. Othewise useless, but fast and enthusiastic.

Excepting those two who've been mentioned, I can't really think of anybody between then and now who's caught my eye or who I've read about that would justify I call to the nationals. A team, B team, or whatever. I'm sure they're out there, just can't think of anyone off the top of my head.

Maybe Alex Bustos (sp?) on his best day. Maybe Paul Clarke on his best day. (Man, the old Git could poach some garbage goals. Thousand years ago, jonovision. Thousand years ago)

Hey, I just thought of a kid who was a Fury project that didn't quite make it once upon a time who's still kicking it about a little. Justin Hart! Hell, I'm pretty sure McManus and Sharpe we're the guilty partys for trying to make a footballer out of that man. Just using him as an example of how a lot of quality lads just seem to slip between the cracks. Never reach their potential.

Cheeta sad. Cheeta miss football.

At least indoor starts Halo'ween night. Cool.

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quote:Originally posted by jonovision

WF - I am in the Netherlands for the year on a sort of cultural exchange type thing. So I work a ****ty job, travel around, etc. But I am from Winnipeg in will be returning in August 2005 to the greatest city on earth (by that, I mean Winnipeg).

Not much has changed in the Peg since you have been gone. We all wait with baited breath as Winnipeg breaks our murder record (currently tied at old record of 30). The cover of the Winnipeg Sun reads Murder & Mayhem.

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