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A-League Playoffs - Final [R]


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10 years ago, in 1994, the Seattle Sounders played their first-ever A-League match...in Montreal!

Seattle eventually finished Top of the Table, but lost in a playoff shootout to Colorado.

That first ever game? Seattle went into the Canadian city and surprised the Impact 1-0 on a wonderful free-kick goal by Chance Fry.

Here's a video clip of Seattle's first-ever A-League goal, scored in Montreal:



Just some fun history.

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quote:Originally posted by massimo

Hopefully this will be a sell-out.

One would hope so. If I recall correctly, they had to install aditional temporary bleachers the last time in 1994 to accomodate the additional demand. What's disappointing is that no regular broadcaster has picked up the rights to broadcast the game. TSN picked up the 1994 final game against Colorado that was played in Montreal.

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quote:Originally posted by SeanKeay

Daniel... i expect something big from the montreal ultras..... am i gonna get somthing?

It might not be anything new, but it should be some very solid claasics.

Expect 2-3 banners, hopefully around 10 Montréal flags covering our section and of course a smoke flare or 8 :P. Our section will probably be full, ie 75 or so people. MONTREAL WIL NEVER BEE DA SAME!

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Seattle's leading scorer Welton will miss the Final:

quote:Sounders Forced to Play Championship Match Without Leading Scorer

(Seattle, Wash.) - - The Seattle Sounders will be forced to play the A-League Championship match without the team's leading scorer Welton Melo. After reviewing an appeal by Sounder's management, the A-League announced today that it is upholding the one-game suspension for Welton's ejection on Sunday, September 12th in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals in Vancouver.

Welton, a Brazilian native, received his second yellow card of the match in the 71st minute in a confusing scenario during a substitution in which the head official, Tiger Liu determined Welton was "delaying" the restart of the match.

"There is an injustice being levied on a young man whose language skills and legitimate confusion were construed as delay," said Sounders General Manager Adrian Hanauer.

In the 71st minute, Sounders midfielder Chad Brown was being substituted for Welton. However in that same instance Sounder's midfielder Jason Farrell went down with an injury to his ankle. As Welton was heading off the field the Sounders coaching staff decided to change their substitution, and have Brown enter the match for the injured Farrell.

As a discussion was taking place between the Sounders coaching staff and the fourth official regarding which player was to come off the field, Liu issued Welton his second caution of the night a few feet from the sideline resulting in his ejection from the match.

"Consequently an Eastern Canadian referee determined that it was appropriate to caution him, knowing full well that the result would mean the Sounders would play a man down for the remainder of the match and that Mr. Melo would be suspended for the A-League Championship versus an Eastern Canadian team," said Hanauer.

Welton received his first yellow card caution in the 69th minute of the match while battling for position on a Sounders corner kick.

According to FIFA, rule any player sent off in a match will serve a mandatory one-game suspension to be served in the next match that team plays.

The Brazilian forward has scored 12 goals this season including two goals against the Portland Timbers in the second match of the Western Conference semi-finals to help the Sounders advance in the post season.

Prior to the two cards issued in the September 12th match, Welton received only one other caution this season. This was his first ejection of the year.

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Of course I'll be cheering for Montreal, but I think the Welton suspension is stupid. I thought that he'd surely be reinstated. Doesn't the league want this to be a showcase match? Why suspend one team's leading scorer for something so silly that clearly wasn't his fault?

At the same time, Hanauer's accusation that the referee was trying to favour Montreal is really silly. Once again we see that it's not just Italians who whine over ridiculous conspiracy theories.

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I have it from a good sourse that the Manic Fan Club, the greatest loudest supporters group ever in Canadain , is coming out of retirement for the game. :D

I remember being at the Big O for 81 play-offs, Johan Cruyff's last game in North America. 46,000 screaming nuts, the feild being one huge mess of toilet paper rolls. A total party. The next week 58,000 for the Sting. and the place shaking on Gordon Hill goal that hit a seam in the pitchers mound and bounced over a helpless goalie and the fans pouring onto the pitch.

And then a few days later crying as I watch the Manic lose on TVA at Wrigley feild to out.


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Glad to see RDS is showing this game for those of us with only basic cable . Let's go Impact!


I hope ......RDS shows the game and pre-game on their site for 7:30 pm ADT but my telecaster shows Expos and Phillies at 8 pm ? I'll be at work so I'll set the VCR and hope for the best .........

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