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  1. Not directed at you but if this was a math equation it would look like this. Excuses =
  2. Guys, This isn't political, the QSF should be reminded of this and I agree that the Boyageurs should take a stand on this issue. I for one have sent them several emails, anyone else interested here is the email. "courriel@federation-soccer.qc.ca" <courriel@federation-soccer.qc.ca>
  3. Guys please send your comments to the QSF, this way they will have even more pressure to overturn their own decision. And realize this has nothing to do with: Politics Religion English vs. French It has to do with letting children, men and women play the sport they enjoy, which is playing soccer...pointe finale!!!!! "courriel@federation-soccer.qc.ca" <courriel@federation-soccer.qc.ca>
  4. Ruud let me confirm its water! You're reminding me my soccer playing days on Astro Turf with salt dispersed all over the field!!! Burn baby burn! Soccer inferno! Burn baby burn!
  5. My understanding is his goal was to make the Academy team and work up from there, the staff wanted to see him with the trial group as he has been away for so long. But now I don't know if being cut has limited that option too. If I get an update I'll post back. Good Luck to him a kid who has done his fair share of traveling to make his dreams come true.
  6. No offense to Julian, but if he was my brother I'd b!tch slap him into representing Canada. Really I don't see him representing Holland on a regular basis. So when his career is done and over with, he looks back as says WOW I represented Holland in 3 qualification matches for the World Cup a total of 47 minutes of international soccer...an experience I'll never forget.
  7. Sorry I guess I'm a bit irresponsible with my 2 1/2 yr old...in any case my son had a blast with his cousins, didn't watch the whole game, but had lots a fun clapping and screaming GOAL with me on every goal LOL!!! Like another poster, that poor tube of sunscreen was used and abused that afternoon
  8. Answering that is easy even for an impact supporter...Julian De Guzman or like go mention Dwayne DeRo those 2 alone could easily rack up goals from outside the box.
  9. Dude...Macri is italian...get over it. For the other names, they could be Bosnian for all I know.
  10. This f-ing bastard, first he accepts a call for our MNT, then an interview with RedNation web site, then e-mails back our MNT manager to say sorry I won't be there, I'll be with the Czechs. What kind of loser is he? With his attitude I don't think he'll last very long. He might end up thinking the Czech players are a bunch of: "challenging individuals” just like the ones at Blackburn, or maybe like the guys at Celtic... "but I felt like most of the guys were not easy to get along with and I didn't feel it was necessary to be around them" or maybe they are a bunch o
  11. Senior National team...ummm remember what happend to the last guy that got capped at 17. Its too much pressure too soon for a kid. Give him time to mature and proe himself a little. Is he playing on the first team in his club?
  12. A little off topic, but would be great if Saputo Stadium would look like this stadium. Nice for 2nd division.
  13. The problem in my eyes is the team changes so often, from year to year many players come and go. I remember reading back when Liminiatis was coach that they will try to have a more stable team. However, I think that is a pipe dream right now. I think Grande will surely land himself a job with a better pay than Impact was paying him. As redhat mentions: He was by far their best player during CCL last year...this season he is out...this is not a good sign for the rest of the team.
  14. If that is the case then what about what Mauro Biello did? HE provoked Sandro...the more I follow the Impact the more they disappoint me. Its not even about losing anymore it is the off-field antics, the bs: 1 - firing a coach when they should have given him more time 2 - bringing in 'talented' players that don't jive with the team 3 - playing those players, they don't perform, then playing them again and again.... 4 - playing like a bunch of girls in CCL i.e. Montreal v TFC in Montreal and now Sandro is out....what is next? This year's soccer soap opera = Montreal Impact
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