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Postcard from Dublin


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quote:Originally posted by SeanKeay

The diffence is easy tho, Birch never has a chance to play for england. Where as the whore was offered a spot on canada...

THATS the difference

You are born in a country. You are either good enough to play for your country's Nats or you're not.

If you want a system where players play with the team they have the best shot with, that's easy...it's called club football.

I understand that Bircham is playing within the rules. My point is I disagree with these rules, because in the end nations like ours get shafted (as in the Owen case).

And it's not a personal attack on Bircham either. I just wish our National Program had the gonads to say "Sorry Mark, but Englishmen play with England."

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I'll wade in, maybe just a little.

First off, I'm no great fan of Marc Bircham the footballer. An okay passer/crosser, fairly alert, good physical tackler, good endurance as far as I can tell, decent ball control skills if a tad bit slow, but gritty. Runs with his head up, and isn't a-feard of joining forward adventures.

Personaly, I think he dosen't qualify for our starting 11 against most opponents, and in some instances wouldn't even make the team selection based upon the physical skills he'll bring to the pitch.

But,,, I don't think too many here can argue that Mr. Bircham is one of those "A" (or is it Eh?) personalities who seem to be able to bring the play (or at least, enthusiasm) up of everyone else on the squad. He's personable enough to instigate a scence of comradere amongst our lads, a feeling of importance in playing for THEIR country and for EACH OTHER even if that common bond is only a red and white kit. His skills on the pitch aren't so far behind his mouth as to discredit himself completely and he's just dirty enough as to be one of those players everyone hates to play against. Oh sure, after the match he'll be honestly sorry enough and buy you a couple of pints, but that dosen't get that 4 inch scar off your thigh. Or keep him from spiking you again during the return leg...

So, dose Mr. Bircham bring a quality Canada sorrily needs in the middle of the park? Most definately. Is he entertaining to watch? Sort of. But commitment and effort, especialy by a man who's attachments to this country are sooooo thin, appeals to all things sporting in Canada. Soccer/football fans not withstanding.

Don't recall England ever calling on Marc Bircham, or Mr. Bircham saying he'd like to play for England, or Wales or Mars before jumping over to Canada after learning at the least the earliest part of his trade, abroad. So there. Welcome aboard, son. Glad to have you. Here's a lyric sheet for the national anthem. Chin up, chest out. We know you'll do your best.

P.S. Well, that's a lot of typing. Typing. The only usefull course I ever took during an unsuccessful bit for a high school diploma.

P.S.S. Don't realy care what Bircham wears under his kit. Could be pantys and a garder so long as he's on a winning Canadian team.

P.S.S.S. Yes, yes, yes. OH is a whore. Kids are stupid. Maybe he'll live to regret the bull**** he spread around when everyone was courting him. Don't agree much with the "cap tied" rule, or heritage clauses, but OH has decided he's an Englishman. His father is pleased. Just think of him as another one of those foreighn fellows who followed their parents to Canada because they had to. Get over it. If I ever immegrated I'll guarentee my kids would grow up feeling they were Canadian. Wouldn't make me the Devil, you know.

P.S.S.S.S. Bircham's grandfather was Winnipeg born. That entitles all the Bircham descendents to the 4th generation the right to represent Canada, be realy, realy, cool cats, charm every lady they meet, and swear during regular coverations and at all formal occasions without appearing too lewd.

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Actually, Bircham played a few informal games with a Welsh side, maybe u23 or u20, I'm not sure. He was being courted by Northern Ireland at the time Canada came calling (if being asked to play for Norn Iron can be considered 'courted'.)

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Guest Jeffery S.

I am not too comfortable about Bircham, but in the end he does know Canada, and he is committed to us. It is all about making him feel Canadian, and that is part of our country, making people feel welcome.

And he does not need a lyrics sheet for the anthem. The Sky cameras focussed on him especially during ours and he sung heartily, to the last note. Actually I do, as I can never remember the new version, which I am opposed to anyways (we should have left God out of it IMO).

Bircham is an excellent addition to the squad, he gives us depth and a bit of versatility. Hopefully his team will be back in 1st Div next year. I'd also like to see Plymouth in 1st next year, as Bent could really use a higher playing level, though I repeat considering we've (including me) slagged him for poor passing, his game was quite sharp in this regard on Tuesday.

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The case of Marcel DeJong is an example of how grey this discussion can get. From what I understand, his parents were in Canada for about 20 years and returned to Holland when DeJong was 3-5 years. In other words, there is no question about his original nationality, Canadian and you can be sure he has not given up his Canadian citizenship.

The reverse situation decision was made by Johnny Van t'schip when he chose to play for Holland after having lived his first 10 years in Canada.

My main point is this, this whole issue gets messy no matter where you draw the line. Rules are rules and I guess we have to work with them. Use the best players that are available to us. While I don't believe Bircham is anything more than a depth player for Canada in the long-run, he qualifies for Canada under the rules. Hey Wales and Northern Ireland have been making liberal use of the rules for years.

quote:Originally posted by Massive Attack

The CSA poached DeJong and Masciantonio from Holland and Italy respectively. Sure, both were born in Canada, but I wonder how much english either of them speak. I wonder what their personal emotional attachments to Canada might be (if they have any at all).

The bottom line with Bircham, for me any way, is that he plays with heart and passion when he plays for our country, thats enough to convince me.

P.S. OH is a whore

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I don't know about others, but by the term "poached" I take that to mean that one nation takes another player that was either clearly wanted by the nation he's actually from. As such my understanding of the term would definitely not apply to the likes of Bircham & Masciantonio.

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