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  1. I'm an emotional wreck right now despite a promise to myself to be cool. Only you, here on this board, understand what I'm going through. As has been said a few times in this thread already: I think I'm going to puke.
  2. The Google Doc is more than sufficient and now provides more info.
  3. He's been very solid in filling in for Julian de Guzman this season. In fact, I'd say he's benefited greatly from being JDG's understudy since the beginning of the year. When called into the squad, Eustaquio was performed very well. He patrols the area in front of the back four and makes life difficult for opposing attackers. His distribution has increased greatly and he makes good decisions on and off the ball. As you can tell, I've been very impressed. Some supporters have been starting to call on him (and Mason Trafford) to be given a look by Benito.
  4. Ok everyone, hopefully I didn't have people searching too much. I found the lineups here: http://www.transfermarkt.com/spielbericht/index/spielbericht/2292721 If you do know of an archive dedicated to Canada match reports, however, let me know! Mimglow
  5. Hey guys, blast from the past here. Can't believe this was 11 years ago. Anyone know where I could find the starting line-ups for both teams for both Belize matches from this two-match series? If there is an archive of Canada match reports, would love to know about it. Thanks guys, Allez Les Rouges
  6. We're two days away from our 1st qualifier. According to Twitter exchanges I've had with Gavin Day, he'll only know if he can set up a stream of the game once he gets to Dominica. Everything is contingent on how good internet service is at the stadium.
  7. Mserson, I believe 7 members from Stony Monday Riot and some from Bytown Boys are heading to Toronto. On the SMR end it's Laura, Ryan, Kendra, Matt, Heather, Alex and myself.
  8. Anyone know of a pub in Ottawa that would should the game, and stay open past midnight if it went longer?
  9. Allez Les Rouges. Will be at Gracies on Ogilvie with the usual suspects.
  10. That's correct. Friday the place was jumpin'. I expected a reduced contingent since many had traveled to Toronto, but it turns out there were MORE people! I can't wait to see what it's like on Tuesday.
  11. I was in Montreal four years ago, and I can understand how some Voyageurs might want revenge (and not on the pitch). I just hope those in attendance keep their emotions in check and realize that the image of Canadian soccer would be irreparably hurt if you hand-fed the journalists in attendance a "hooligan" headline. Realize that some of them would feast on such a turn of events, no matter how exaggerated. Then try to get the soccer clubs with their families out to the next qualifiers. It would be dead in the water. Keep a cool head and think of the big picture.
  12. Anyone pointing to the Cuba match as an indication of our form is dead wrong. The Cuba match was an outlier, with artificial conditions placed on the squad because of dirty tactics from an opponent who knows they can't win in this group under normal conditions. If you want a better idea of our form, look to the USA match. Canada passing the ball along the ground, supporting each other by getting into space, aggressively making runs into opponent territory. The kind of play we could not bring to Cuba, because of the potholes. Don't get me wrong, Honduras is a tough opponent and I be
  13. Laura and I will be at Grace O'Malley's as usual Come and say hi!
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