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Milutinovic rumoured to be going to Honduras


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[i just thought I would post this....because his name always gets mentioned as a potential replacment for Holger.]

Honduras piensa en Bora Milutinovic


29 de Julio del 2003

TEGUCIGALPA - El presidente de la Federación Nacional de Fútbol, Rafael Leonardo Callejas, anunció estar interesado en que el serbio Bora Milutinovic entrene a la selección de Honduras.

Milutinovic es un técnico que nos interesa mucho por su conducta y trayectoria en cinco Copas del Mundo", añadió.

"Bora sería extraordinariamente beneficioso para Honduras... y abriría las puertas internacionales a nuestro fútbol", dijo Callejas, que fue presidente del país entre 1990 y 1994.

El actual dirigente ha afirmado su disposición de llevar a la selección al mundial de Alemania 2006. Honduras sólo ha participado en una Copa del Mundo, la España en 1982.

"En lista tenemos a otros técnicos, pero no descartamos a Bora", subrayó.

Los hondureños mantienen contacto con numerosos entrenadores internacionales, entre ellos el costarricense Alexandre Guimaraes.

La federación reemplazaría al hondureño Edwin Pavón, quien dirige a la selección nacional y a la sub-23.

"A pretty move, for the love of God."

Eduardo Galeano

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I am not surprised about Honduras wanting Bora. The man is a genious IMHO. Some contributors in this board believe that Bora is just lucky, that his world cup accomplishments are due to him inheriting an already good team. To me, lucky or not I still admire the guy. He has been highly respected since way before his later successes.

I agree with those who believe Bora would be a good replacement for Holger. Actually I think that anybody would be better than Holger right now. The CSA has no intention of doing anything to rid of the man, my only hope is that players themselves will revel against the situation and demand a change. Holger has been successful in one thing, that is he has managed to keep the men's team stagnated at the same ranking level. Being sarcastic I might add that this is hard to do, as any team by being together and playing together will raise their level, at least to the level of the coach's incompetence.

We beat Costa Rica, and we even played well. That is great. Surely if this is the best Holger can accomplish in the space of 5 years, I don't hold my hopes in anything better happening soon.

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Wasn't Multinovic just hired as the coach of Serbia & Montenegro, charged with the task of bringing his home nation to Germany 2006 (Euro 2004 is nearly out of the question for them)? It would have to take one hell of a financial offer from Honduras to pry him loose from their, I would think.

Even the wolf can learn. Even the sheep can turn. Even the frog can become at last the prince. - Peter Hammill, Over (1977)

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Actually Bora to Canada would be a much better move than Bora to Honduras. I hope this isn't true. Honduras is an exciting team, with a lot of attacking flair. I don't think the defensive nature of Bora's teams would gel well with the sort of players Honduras has. Sure, they could use the help on defense, but let's not go overboard. Canada on the other hand plays a very defensive oriented game. Bora could help them raise their level immensely. Especially if he can get Canada's top side to gel. I think he could because he's a world wide respected coach. Everyone knows who he is and what he has accomplished.

"Try not, do. Do or do not. There is no try" - Yoda

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quote:Originally posted by Jeff Ferguson

Speaking of Serbia and Montenegro... where did they come from? I checked the FIFA Coca-Cola World Ranking a few months back and noticed that they had recently joined, yet the number of nations was the same. Whom did they replace?

Andrew, New York City

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