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  1. Fair enough, but that's what they did with Gnabry & Julien Green (i.e. sent them on loan). Agreed that the B team is a decent option for the coming season. But I don't see how loaning him to a team like Ajax (random example) would be bad. Riding the bench of the A team would not be good.
  2. I'm not so sure that Sanches is going to be fine. But perhaps a better example is Julien Green who joined Bayern at about the same age as Davies and has completely fallen off the radar.
  3. Yeah, that makes sense. Also, honest question: how hot is it really in June/July in Qatar at night compared to northern Brazil during the mid-afternoon? And doesn't the Amazon region get like 10-14 inches of rain per month? These questions occurred to me when I saw that pretty much every 2014 WC match will be played during the day, with just a few games in the group stage kicking-off in the early evening. For the same reason (convenience of the European TV audience), probably in Qatar almost all the matches will kick-off after sunset. I would expect 7:00p and 9:30p to be the local kick-off times each day.
  4. So just to keep the story-line flowing, AFC beat Fleetwood Town 2-1 with a penalty in the 73rd minute. They remain in League Two for the 2013-14 season.
  5. One of AFC's biggest matches of their existence will be played this weekend. If they lose or draw they will be relegated out of League football. And since only 2 teams get relegated/promoted from/to league football it will be very difficult to get promoted back to League football. Now, the good news: a win this weekend guarantees survival since the 2 teams just above them in the table are playing each other, meaning AFC will pass one of them for sure with a win. Also they are at home against Fleetwood Town who have nothing to play for (locked in mid-table). Fleetwood have also lost 3 games in-a-row so perhaps they already began looking ahead to summer vacation.
  6. Right, but still... AFC has the worst defense in League Two.
  7. Yikes! MK Dons out-shot Cambridge City 30-2? I'm not too confident about this upcoming match.
  8. The match has been slated for Sunday, 2 December at 730 ET (12:30 local).
  9. So its on! MK Dons and AFC both win their replays! MK Dons doing so in impressive fashion -> 6-1. Wimbledon not so much. Conceded 3 goals and needed extra-time despite playing against 10-men for about 85 minutes. Hope its on TV!
  10. AFC Wimbledon win their FA Cup first-round replay. MK Dons host Cambridge tomorrow.
  11. This would be huge, but in the meantime AFC Dons shouldn't lose focus of their league fixtures since they are in a bit of trouble - 21st place!
  12. First-leg promotion playoff semifinal: Fleetwood 0 - 2 AFC Wimbledon Meanwhile 2 leagues higher, MK Dons will also be involved in the promotion playoff starting next week with a spot in the Championship at stake.
  13. Kinda glad it didn't happen this early. Franchise probably would've won and might've been a major distaction in the race for promotion to League Two for AFC. Hopefully it'll happen when the teams are the same league (in 2 years).
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