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  1. Fair enough, but that's what they did with Gnabry & Julien Green (i.e. sent them on loan). Agreed that the B team is a decent option for the coming season. But I don't see how loaning him to a team like Ajax (random example) would be bad. Riding the bench of the A team would not be good.
  2. I'm not so sure that Sanches is going to be fine. But perhaps a better example is Julien Green who joined Bayern at about the same age as Davies and has completely fallen off the radar.
  3. I really don't think Germany is too bothered. Group 'D' looks the most interesting. 3 pretty even teams there!
  4. 40 teams is kind of awkward, no? How would that work, ten groups of 4? Then the 4 worst second-place teams are eliminated? Then teams in groups "H", "I" and "J" would have a significant advantage as they will know what they need in order to advance as one of the best 2nd-place teams. Seems a bit messy. But anything is better than increasing the # of AFC & OFC teams who can't even kick a ball straight at the expense of UEFA and CONMEBOL teams.
  5. Yeah, that makes sense. Also, honest question: how hot is it really in June/July in Qatar at night compared to northern Brazil during the mid-afternoon? And doesn't the Amazon region get like 10-14 inches of rain per month? These questions occurred to me when I saw that pretty much every 2014 WC match will be played during the day, with just a few games in the group stage kicking-off in the early evening. For the same reason (convenience of the European TV audience), probably in Qatar almost all the matches will kick-off after sunset. I would expect 7:00p and 9:30p to be the local k
  6. " .... and that’s when you’re going to introduce playoffs because you’re going to want to have those to determine who wins the season. But, it’ll be a limited thing—it’s not going to be like these other leagues where everybody gets in the playoffs. That’s just ridiculous.” I love this guy!
  7. Yeah, but with or without a World Cup break the same main problems would exist. 11-teams is just a tough number to work with when you have an apertura-clausura format. Two 20-game seasons would be a bit much. Even without the A-C format, you'd still pretty much be forced into a 30-match season which means getting home advantage against half the teams, and away-disadvantage against the other half.
  8. It helps when the game is rigged! 4-nil? Come on....
  9. IIRC, they did change it. FA Cup final is the last match on the calendar this upcoming season. Also agree that winning the FA Cup trumps survival. Although not sure this was a case of one or the other. They likely would have been relegated regardless whether they had reached the FA Cup final or not since the chance for survival was already pretty much lost before the FA Cup final was played.
  10. But wouldn't that be true for every league? Or less. 3 teams that you are keen to watch is actually a lot.
  11. Yeah, 16 just works so much better. IMO it would offset the "con" of having 2 or 3 more minnows involved. Note however that you'd have to change the qualifying format though. Either you'd have to just make all 7 Central American nations qualify automatically or have Central American nations compete in the Caribbean cup to qualify (makes no sense to keep the central American qualifying tournament if 6 or all 7 out of 7 countries qualify). I guess one way to prevent the qualifying tournament from becoming too large is have the top 3 teams in each group of the previous Gold Cup qua
  12. EPL is still my favorite league. Come on, in every other top league in Europe we pretty much already know who will win the title in 2013-14. In the case of Scotland, we already know who will win the title in 2015-16. Ridiculous! Or if we don't know for sure (La Liga, Portugal), we can certainly say its between 2 teams. In England at least there are more contenders, not less, compared to 10-15 years ago. And this upcoming season will be especially intriguing to see how Man UTd does post-Sir Alex, Mourinho at Chelsea, Pellegrini at Man City and Arsenal looking stronger...
  13. Not if that other match is played 2 hours later. IOW, if Canada is winning by 1, do they try to protect that lead or risk it by going for a 2-goal victory? Hard to say because the other game hasn't been played yet so they are at a disadvantage.
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