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  • The Red and Green Show is the unofficial official fan podcast which encompasses all things Cavalry FC. The podcast features guests who are connected with the CPL, upcoming opponents, as well as current Cavalry players.

    It is hosted by Joey Cavilla of Lethbridge, Alberta. Joey is a huge Juventus & Italian national-team supporter with a degree in political science from the Univeristy of Lethbridge. A current high school football coach, future teacher, and recreational soccer player, Joey is conversationally fluent in Spanish and looks to bring a fresh jump to Cavalry's course.

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    • That article has a picture of his agent at the Napoli offices.
    • https://www.record.pt/futebol/futebol-nacional/liga-nos/p--ferreira/detalhe/empresarios-de-stephen-eustaquio-em-conversacoes-com-o-napoles Napoli joins the party, cause why not? I'm gonna hold off on posting updates before something gets acknowledgement / confirmation. I think this is gonna be a David-esque transfer window where like a dozen different clubs get linked to Steph. I'm gonna start taking these outlets with a grain of salt, especially considering Record previously reported a Porto deal was already closed. Something should happen, and it could be as big as Napoli or as small as Vitoria de Guimaraes... it's anyone's guess!
    • They just won the NCAA final 1-0 in extra time!
    • He follows England FA but not Canada Soccer on Twitter... not getting my hopes up about this one.
    • Wgen Tomori played for England Davies had 3 starts at Bayern. David was in his second season at Gent and not very well known. Now we have 2 legitimate superstars. I have no idea what, if any, effect this has, but it certainly can't hurt.
    • Let’s just enjoy the ride!
    • Bottom line is that we have no idea.   People thought Tomori would not be able to get time with England and that he could be a vital part of the youth movement here leading to the 2026 World Cup.  Instead he traded that for 3 minutes of time (so far) in an England kit.   Eustaquio could have held out for a shot at Portugal’s midfield but instead chose us.   We can’t know what drives their individual decisions, how patriotic they may feel, what kind my pressures they may feel, who is whispering in their ear, how they prioritize short term ba long term international prospects, etc.  
    • Wow a club listening to the largely terrible fan reaction and coming to a compromise, what a concept. 
    • Well he was born here and grew up here and there's absolutely no guarantee he makes England senior squad. They are rose coloured for sure but you would have to think Canada has a good shot of getting him to commit. Look at what happened with Tomori, surely Herdman can sell him on the idea of being a key player in the best Canadian side of all time.
    • Exactly, even though it was a heartbreaking loss, you can see the way the team this team is trending. For most of Henry's stint I always found myself wondering what this team was trying to do tactically.  A massive plus for me is how capable players coming off the bench are looking, everybody looks engaged and ready to contribute. 
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