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Match Thread: June 17, 2023 - Atletico Ottawa v Vancouver FC

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Scary how weak the Vancouver back line and DMs look. They get easily picked apart, only in CPL the level is not that high to exploit the weakness. Which often looks amateur. They don't pressure the ball, and if they do, a guy with a medium change of pace blows past them. There was one play in the box when the defender goes up against an attacker for a high ball, it bounces up again, and the defender runs 2 metres in the wrong direction towards the corner. Leaving the attacker alone.

They can't even guard like you'd do in basketball, body between rival and the goal, it is sheer quality and experience. Clearing is bad, helps are weak, no one is leading out of the back. 

Except the keeper who is doing a good job. 

The coach has to start asking more of them, I realise they are just starting, but at some point they need to be required of (yelled at).

I'd say that VFC needs maybe a stronger outside back, better LB, a better CB just to put pressure on those guys who are not good enough, and a skilled DM. Then they could be firmer to do the transitions forward, where I think they are okay, if they could just tip the field a bit more in their favour.

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