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Women's Champions League


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Saw 2nd half of PSG-Real Madrid in their group stage match, the Parisians ran over them, had about 20 shots on goal, ended 4-0. RM just started their women's programme last season and though they have spent and are not weak, the quality difference vs. PSG is immense. 

Also a big crowd at Parc des Princes, maybe pushing 20 thousand.

Lawrence was absolutely incredible, in defence and attack, my Spanish commentators were lauding her constantly. They handled RM so well they often threw 4 up high into attack, literally a 2-4-4. Huitema came on m. 70 or so and was very active, coming back 15-20 m from the striker position to control with her back to defenders, nice first touch, running back into the target to challenge the CBs. Very aggressive, nice pace, I think  her game has definitely come up, she is quicker overall and her head is sharper. 

PSG has not had a goal scored against them since May!

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Hard to tell from that clip but sure looked like a foul on the striker. Buchanan moves to the direction the ball will be in and then goes down before it gets there.

Fleming AND Reiten started, a real treat. To quote a Jack Nicholson movie that's about "as good as it gets."

I got jammed and only caught part of the RM game. Did they really play a 5-4-1? I was surprised how Madrid were not even in the game, expected a much stronger performance. But then looking at the lineups of both teams the result makes complete sense. It would be interesting to see Esther and Garcia up front together instead of flipping.

Barcelona cruised as expected, hopefully the heart issue Caroline Graham Hansen is sidelined for is something inconsequential. You don't notice her missing against Hoffenheim but against the likes of PSG/Chelsea people might be surprised how much.

There were a couple bad luck of the draw close matchups but the results are still pretty much known before kickoff in most games.

We are now halfway through the group stage and the top two in each group are already as expected:

Chelsea, Wolfsburg
PSG, Real Madrid
Barcelona, Arsenal,
Lyon, Bayern

Teams will be praying to their Gods to get Real in the quarter.

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I noticed she scored earlier today, thanks for the link to it. 

You have to love the announcer: "... and that goal blows Group D wide open."

Uhmmm Lyon and Bayern are in the group. It was over before anyone's boots touched a blade of grass.

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