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  1. Welsh, Scottish, English. Unless you're sitting just Kerr high, Harder is a striker. Kirby fought for minutes with them too. And other than Harder, who is a striker, Fleming is better than most of the players you mentioned.
  2. Sorry but one play doesn't get you on that list. Reiten is another gifted player who couldn't get minutes or starts until recently. Hayes likes her English players.
  3. (FIFA Ballon d'Or World Top 10 shortlist) + (Can't start for club) = Please take a seat Emma Hayes
  4. Wonder how many will pay the $133.50 for the second tier on the south side. And why everything in the huge area between the penalty boxes on the lower south side is reserved, and for who. Good Lord how many hangers-on are there in the system.
  5. Why is women sports news usually lifestyle? Interviews with players are usually can they twerk, their family, team social dynamics, how they feel, etc. They're almost never about the game and if they are it's usually trite observations you could get from the scoresheet. Photos of male athletes are action shots, of women they are usually portraits or non-competition images. Anything to do with sexual politics or behaviour is a total media feeding frenzy. Can you imagine if the NWSL got this kind of coverage about the actual game?
  6. If I had a dollar for every game I've been at 5C or below I'd be buying everyone beers for a while. A lot of competitions have finals in October or even November like Usports. If you're playing it's fine even in the snow, you stay warm. And if you're a fan there are a few ways to keep warm
  7. Between his legacy and influence with the WNT and his time with the MNT, he has been a huge part of the best month of Canadian soccer against the USA ever. One-tenth the size, probably less in program money and snow for a large part of the year in most places. Our women not only put the Americans out of contention, they topped the world and taught us anything is possible. What a great time to be alive.
  8. The American defenders dropped towards their goalline in numbers and our back post runners held up in the six because they were completely unmarked. But the crosses were blind. Danger? Yeah sure but real danger is knowing when to play it across the frame and when to cut it back. And Davies has been the only one with the poise and awareness to do that, i.e. the goal and cutback to Larin. Defensively we've done well and with good goalkeeping, although going up field the Americans didn't really seem to have a plan or be on the same page. Once they hit the final third they switched off. Some things take more than brute force and they didn't have the guile to unlock anything.
  9. Thought it was a pk too but there were so many tough calls in the game. Wouldn't have wanted to be in the middle without var.
  10. That was just a story. This was the part for you: Faith is a way of walking, not a way of talking.
  11. Oh yeah he was a mess. Funny thing was when they all huddled he was the guy doing the speaking.
  12. Reminds me of a story. I had an uncle, big Norwegian guy who had a fishing boat off the coast of Vancouver Island. They were in a huge gale and the boat was flooded and they were bailing like crazy to try and keep it from sinking. He looks over and sees one of the crew on his knees praying. He said if you don't get up and get bailing I'll throw you overboard right now. Faith is a way of walking, not a way of talking.
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