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  1. Just read this - "On Friday 2 July, it became clear that assistant Jonatan Giráldez (29) will take over the main responsibility." [In Barcelona] Wonder if there was some Shakespearean plotting and a knife in the back?
  2. If the Netherlands are loaded for a real run out it should be a good reveal to see if we can make a game of it. Interesting they are taking 24. Smits as the alternate's alternate is madness. Their B side could go far in this tournament. Also a good reminder that most people apply 1/3 of the sunscreen needed.
  3. Chile isn't there by accident. As Germany just found out they can play tight defense and have the best goalkeeper in the world. Unless we start scoring using even all 18 might be difficult.
  4. Sorry missed this earlier. https://www.nbcolympics.com/news/report-olympic-soccer-rosters-expand-18-22-players-benefitting-uswnt And yes, damn straight it does. And sucks for us. Whereas our 19-22 players will not touch the turf, their 19-22 players could start for most teams and this gives them the ability to load balance the legs in a long tournament.
  5. I read that was likely coming after the Champions League win. It was in a couple Spanish papers and picked up internationally. It's not unusual for high performing women's teams to have a power clique that is in conflict with the coach. Not that common either but you see it frequently enough. Usually success quiets it all down and puts it all back into the background. The whole thing is a bit Shakespearian and you can't help but wonder if it's personal and not professional more than anything. There's is definitely more to it, the spoken reasons exist on pretty much every team in the sport past amateur. Curious if the club saw his limited salary as the easiest way out. Or if there were some questionable actions that were best left unspoken. You have to feel for Cortés, caught between needing to find work and support his family and on the other hand could probably use a good lawyer. Hope he finds a good home and equally good compensation and players to work with.
  6. Agree to disagree. And think the comment that she may not be a striker is extremely astute. It's both incredibly impressive and surreal to think Évelyne Viens and Vanessa Gilles were playing club soccer in Ottawa and Quebec City a couple years ago (while most of the team was playing internationally in World Cups, Olympics, friendlies, national camps, etc). They are not only among the most effective but exciting to watch and give you pride in being Canadian. Huge fan of both and wish the best for them.
  7. July 21 - Japan - 7:30pm local, 6:30am EDT, 3:30am PDT July 24 - Chile - 4:30pm local, 3:30am local, 12:30am PDT July 27 - Team GB - 8:00pm local, 6:00am EDT, 3:00am PDT Tough times for viewing. The Japanese have been soft the past couple years and are area codes away from the heavyweight material of the USA and the Netherlands in the other two groups. With GB it depends on the day, we roll back and forth with them. Chile play tight games with everyone and tied Germany 0-0 a couple weeks ago. Coming third in group means a date with the USA who we play more than anyone and have not beat in 20+ years. We are ranked above Japan and could steal points as they'll be under a world of pressure playing at home on opening day. The WSL has made Team GB pretty formidable but they are in coaching transition and could either come out like a lion or a lamb. Chile is going to cause someone a headache, let's pray it's not us.
  8. It wasn't about anyone in particular, just an observation. I've always been a huge fan of Desiree Scott's but during the friendlies it was pretty hard not to notice immediately that her touch was extremely off. She always had a very high pass completion rate because she 'destroyed' and then only passed short. I think if anyone tracked her stats including turnovers there would have been a big difference to the past. She's two years younger than Rapinoe and playing in a holding role, she should be fine to go 90 if her fitness is up. If it isn't that's frankly unacceptable but the alternative would be as you say sharing the role or skipping matches.
  9. Engen is still a mystery. On one hand if I'm Jessie Fleming or Guro Reiten I'm feeling pretty good about training with some of the best players in the world. On the other hand watching them play is going to get pretty old pretty quick.
  10. Seem to remember something saying alternates travel and train with the team. Oh sorry, did I go in too hard in training? Your leg is broken? So sad, I wonder who is the alternate? Sorry but I can't see university players having anywhere near the value add of an almost fifteen year pro or a player who one of the best teams in the world is confident putting on the field in the last 15-20 to try and win a game. Picking players in school is disrespectful to the craft and trade of professional players. When you make selections like this you lose all credibility talking about the value of professionalism of the women's game. Put kids in school on the field in professional situations over the course of a season and see how much you like them, let alone intense situations like this will be.
  11. PSG are losing players and rumoured to be losing more. Most noticeable is central defender Irene Paredes who scored the second goal and is their captain and the leader of the team. She signed for Champions League winners Barcelona (she's from Basque country) as did Norway's 5'10" central midfielder Ingrid Syrstad Engen coming in from Wolfsburg. I don't know that PSG won the French league or made it to the Champions League semi's over Lyon inasmuch as Ada Hegerberg didn't play a minute this year due to injury. In both competitions they were virtually dead even with PSG going through by the away goals rule and a single point. Hegerberg is the all-time Champions League leading scorer, with 53 goals in 50 games. If she was healthy PSG would be another footnote in another Lyon title.
  12. Thorns v Gotham is just surreal by comparison. Like a game where hardly anyone cares/cared about the outcome to a monster match.
  13. Japan won the World Cup in 2011 and were runners up in the Olympics in 2012 and everyone thought it would be a dynasty but they never quite did much after. The last World Cup in 2019 they were beaten by England and the Dutch while barely getting past Scotland 2-1. A year ago in the SheBelieves they went 0-3 losing to England, Spain and the USA. They've won just 2/13 games in 2019-20. Probably playing lightweights to get their confidence up. Olympic probability market down a bit to 73%. Hasn't really moved much in a couple months.
  14. Good point about RM. The more domestic money the better as long as they don't just buy a team of imports. The Barcelona wide defenders today were 31 and 28. Love it. And I'm a fan of Melanie Serrano and knew of her history too. I've been around the women's game for almost half a century and seen many countries try and sell the women's game by throwing money at it. It works to some extent but it takes a lot and a lot of time. But nothing sells the game as powerful and as fast as those smiles they had on their faces at the end of the game and in the half hour ceremony after. If that was covered on TV3 every girl who watched it has had a life-altering moment. Hopefully it gets lots of press domestically because it could be a real watershed moment.
  15. So excited for them. Hopefully it has a really positive effect on the women's game culturally in the country. Leon has had a great game, the whole back line too. Kerr and Harder have been invisible. Kirby a ghost.
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