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  1. According to UEFA the Women's Champions League final this weekend will be on Barca TV, DAZN and UEFA.tv in Canada. And in Spain Barca TV, Gol TV, UEFA.tv and TV3 Catalunya. Very cool they are picking it up on public television locally.
  2. We could really use that home-baked approach here in Canada. The elite youth player selection and free training for the best prospects and movement of them up through the ranks to the senior teams. I believe the Whitecaps were the first ones to do it but for some reason it never caught on. If the CPL ever arrives there it will really transform the game in Canada, as opposed to running efficient top of the pyramid teams.
  3. I've been out there a couple times too watching their youth teams. Pretty high quality compared to most places. I've been to see the men a few times, the last time was years ago against Sevilla up on Montjuic before they moved. I can't remember what system they play, but one of the interesting things about their youth teams was if the play was on the far wing, they had their opposite side wingers with their feet literally on the sideline paint. The last time when I was leaving Dani Jarque it was a sunny late afternoon so I decided to walk over the train bridge and around the area and happ
  4. CONCACAF is doing a club tournament, so the Women's Club Cup can't be far off. Very true about the top end of the women's club scene being so adrift around the world. I think it may be a result of so few owners willing to drop coin on the female game. Those who do like Aulas and Abramovitch reap the spoils until then. There was an article in the Guardian today that fawned on about how Emma Hayes is a gift from God for transforming Chelsea. One of the comments said it all: "Looks to me that the secret is to buy the most prolific goalscorer in the world, the most expensive player in
  5. Lost in the shuffle lately was this well-deserved and high-profile extension covered by the BBC.
  6. "Founded in 1881, Bordeaux [FC Girondins de Bordeaux] has won France’s top division title six times in its history. Over the years it has been home to some of the country’s most celebrated players, including World Cup winner Zinedine Zidane." Yes indeed, Vanessa Gilles plays a very big role for them. But it's complicated. Hopefully the Bordeaux women actually get to play in their qualified Champions League slot. Last I heard the club were under the protection of the court and the owners said they had lost enough and were done (the owners being a U.S. Hedge Fund who bought them a coup
  7. Yazmeen Jamieson and Tiffany Cameron were born in the GTA. Cameron has a few CWNT caps. And Hubert Busby was born in Kingston, but not the one in Jamaica. It's wonderful to see so many players from a small country like Jamaica playing all over the world. According to their press they have over 25 women playing with professional clubs around the world, with most in the 20-25 age bracket. The Jamaican program really dipped in form over the past decade after their funding was cut, but this renewed look is going to spell trouble for their CONCACAF rivals.
  8. After all the focus on the recent UWCL matches and the high standards, a good segue to a couple of stories out of the Americas this week reminding us of another side of the women's game and how much work is still to be done: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/may/06/womens-coach-at-argentinian-fa-faces-sexual-harassment-allegations https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/may/03/fifa-bans-former-supervisor-as-part-of-sexual-abuse-investigation
  9. @Buchta - The Czech Republic have a strong reputation in turning out talent for a small country in other sports, hockey for example and we've been made to suffer for it many times. I've noticed the Prague teams have been getting stronger and making better runs and showings, it's only a matter of time before it lights up. @Unnamed Trialist - didn't see that but am pretty familiar with the behaviour. There is a certain type of ref who loves to lord their presence over the entire event, both on equipment and then pretending they aren't looking at you off the field and have forgotten you're t
  10. Yeah I looked her up too during the game. She does about a handful of matches outside the Czech League each year. The Czech League is a B league, perhaps even B-. We've had a few Canadians go over there and play who were outside our national team pools. It's predominantly local players, not many foreigners at all. Her calls in that game were usually baffling. Lucky for Barcelona they went through because if they got shafted again this past weekend, given recent events, the echoes of conspiracy theory would be ringing loudly.
  11. Yeah tough day at the office for #12. I think it was a combination of things. She looked off mentally, you could see it early on. No idea why, could by any of a thousand things both conscious and unconscious. And she was unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time. Martens picked today of all days to recover her world player of the year form. That first goal was just stunning. It's not easy to beat Endler and she hit it almost inch perfect. When you score you get confident and the second is always easier. She reacted quickly and moved into position for the follow-up which Graham Hansen
  12. Love it. Something for all players to remember the next time a referee wants you to do something.
  13. Just remembered a pretty funny moment in the game. PSG have a free kick outside the Barcelona box and the wall has lined up about 10m away. The referee goes over to the wall and starts talking to the Barcelona player on the outside of the wall, who keeps putting her hands up like she's confused. The ref keeps talking to her and finally you realize the player is saying I have absolutely no idea what you're saying. Not sure if she didn't speak English, or if it was coming across heavily Czech-ed or what, but the ref finally clued in and just walked away.
  14. I told a friend of mine 1:32 after kickoff she was out of her league. You could tell already. These two teams are so far above the Czech League. Never even thought of Super League impact. Interesting but I think she was just unprepared for the quality. Her calls and non-calls seemed equally given and non-given. Too bad there were no PSG penalties in the Barcelona box, that would have been the real indicator. I'm not sure how injured Diani is but if she's back next weekend PSG will be a lot more balanced in the attack.
  15. The Czech ref struggled. She also blew a PK on a defenders trip on a Barca forward in the Paris box in the first half. A lot of confusing calls and non-calls, and questionable cards like Mapi León's. I think she was put in over her head and whoever assigned her should have to answer for it. I know Oshoala just came on the field and back from injury but I still can't believe she missed that. Even if she tried ten times I wonder is she could get the ball through her legs and out the back like that again. You nailed the wingers. Martens was a hot mess and Hansen just destroyed anyone an
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