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Canada's Best Olympics?

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Obviously, this is aside from the medal color.  Result-wise, we know that Tokyo is the best, but performance-wise, which Olympics would you say is the best between London, Rio, and Tokyo?

I would have to go with Rio, hands down, especially for offense. If we had won gold in Rio, I doubt anyone would say that we lacked goal-scoring abilities (like in Tokyo), or that we over-relied on Sinclair to score goals (like in London).  We had the rising star Beckie who I would pick as the player of the tournament, with all her goals and that mad assist to Schmidt in the quarterfinals to knock out France.  We had Sinclair, Beckie, and Tancredi all on the scoresheet.  I remember wanting to change my user name to recognize Beckie during Rio.  LOL...  We were on fire in that tournament until, unfortunately, the semis against Germany.  But I thought we did well in the bronze-medal match against Brazil. 

Defensively and for goalkeeping, I might pick Tokyo.  Labbe wasn't as good in Rio as she was in Tokyo.  I thought she was all right for her first Olympics.  I just remember Buchanan being awful in Rio which was a surprise for me since Buchanan had done so well prior to that. 

I just want to emphasize that I am by no means an expert.  Heck, I don't even play soccer.  I am just speaking as a fan who loves the sport and as an athlete of another sport who admires these women.  Looking forward to a discussion on this.

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