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  1. Wow... I'm surprised by user name and password works because it's been forever since I logged in. You can kind of tell that even my user name is outdated. But whatever. I'll keep it for memories. Does anyone have any predictions for Canada vs Netherlands tomorrow? I think as much as everyone saying that Netherlands will be a tough opponent, Canada is truly the better team. I hope that they can show it tomorrow. I predict a Canada win like 1-0. Looking forward to hearing what everyone else thinks. Also, the commentators (Kyle, Matheson, etc.) are saying that it is more advantageous for Canada to finish the group because being first means playing Japan, and being second means playing Sweden who they think is tougher than Japan. I am not sure if I agree with that given that Japan is ranked higher than Sweden and that Canada has had better luck beating Sweden in recent years. Again, I look forward to hearing your thoughts. The whole purpose of a discussion is to hear different opinions and predictions. So don't be afraid to say that you have a different opinion!
  2. ^^ That is excellent news for Canada! I would have thought that Germany would move up to #1 and that USA would move down due to the early elimination. All the article says was that USA's lead against Germany was cut in half. I wonder why USA didn't move down a ranking at all. And I am sad for Japan. Japan is now #8. Japan is like my backup team whenever I can't cheer for Canada anymore.
  3. The only game by Sweden I watched was the one against Germany (the gold medal match). Lindahl wasn't good in that game. For the USA game, I only watched the PK's and I know she saved Morgan's PK. Was Lindahl not good in the rest of the tournament either? Also, I don't know why Jill Ellis is keeping her job if Tom Sermani could not. To the best of my memory (and I could be wrong), Sermani got fired because the USA tied some crappy teams in friendlies. However, when Jill Ellis came on board, the USA actually lost in friendlies. How is Jill Ellis better than Tom Sermani?
  4. Actually, I got you the answer now. The answer is no, Kyle did not get a medal. According to her Twitter, there were 21 girls who brought home the bronze (which I interpret to be the18 on the roster plus the other 3 alternates). Kyle, being the 4th alternate, said it was hard for her not to accept the bronze medal. I don't know what that means. Maybe the alternate has to be in Rio to get the medal? Kyle's twitter confirmed that she stayed in Orlando to help her club. I can't think of any other reason why the other 3 alternates got medals but not Kyle. But to answer your question, no, she didn't get a medal, according to Kyle herself.
  5. I don't mean friendly games (although I might check them out too), but actually conferences and autograph sessions where they would actually speak. If anyone knows any, please inform me. I will keep a lookout as well.
  6. Just read that article. Hope referenced herself as the best goalkeeper in the world. Personally, I don't think it's a good idea to call yourself that when your team got an early elimination.
  7. I don't want CANMNT at all, just CANWNT, but thanks though.
  8. Ahhh... I missed this, although my work wouldn't allow me to take more than an hour lunch anyway. Next time you organize a viewing party for... I guess other CANWNT games, do notify me. I have a friend who probably would come too.
  9. According to the article, alternates get medals now, so Kyle being an alternate would mean that she would get one. Does anyone know if CANWNT will do any type of tour after this successful Olympics? I would love to meet Sinclair again, and some of the players I haven't met before. I know there is a conference in November in Richmond, BC (http://coach.ca/registration-now-open-for-the-2016-petro-canada-sport-leadership-sportif-conference--p159586) but this one is expensive and I've been to Richmond/Vancouver too many times already. Anyone know if members of CANWNT are visiting anywhere soon?
  10. Guys, Marie-Eve Nault did in fact receive a medal. The rules were changed this year. Alternates didn't get to stand on the podium, but they did receive a medal afterwards. See this link that Nault posted on her Twitter: http://www.lapresse.ca/le-nouvelliste/sports/201608/22/01-5013019-marie-eve-nault-a-recu-une-medaille-olympique.php?_branch_match_id=296716775479299865 The article is in French, but I used Google translate and I was able to read the article in English and it confirms what I told you. So... congrats to the alternates is right.
  11. ^^ That's okay. I take every opportunity to express my view on the Canada/USA semifinal as well, as you can see in my response to Lauren Holiday. On a separate note, did anyone see our girls' photos on Twitter on the closing ceremony? If Marie Eve-Nault was borrowing a teammate's medal, she is definitely borrowing it in every photo like it's hers. Even Melanie Booth responded to Nault's photo saying that she was happy for her? Happy for what? As far as we know, Nault didn't get a medal.
  12. As a Canadian, of course I know what happened and no need to explain it to me. If you want to explain it to anyone, explain to Lauren Holiday, who is defending Abby on Twitter, in response to my tweets to her.
  13. And thinking about it, it's better that their ceremony is separate from the silver/gold medal ceremony. They get more attention, and they wouldn't be tempted to look at the gold medalists and start thinking about what could have been. Four years ago, when they had to share the ceremony with USA and Japan, Hope Solo even criticized the Canadians for not shaking their hands, saying that maybe they didn't know the procedures. This is a way better medal ceremony than in London.
  14. Nault must have been borrowing someone's medal for the photos, because there are quite a few photos of her wearing a medal on her teammates' twitter. And thanks to Rob for posting 24 seconds of the bronze medal ceremony. So I guess I'm not the only one who couldn't watch it, huh?
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