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  1. Thank you. I didn't even recognize her until you told me exactly who she is. Thank you Amanda for leading us to a gold medal. 😘
  2. Thank you red card. I just signed up! Happy watching, everyone, whether live or in your living room!
  3. Aaah... is this game not playing on TSN? I am looking at the schedule for tomorrow (Oct 23rd): https://www.tsn.ca/live/schedule I am not fortunate enough to travel to Ottawa to watch live. Was hoping to watch on TV.
  4. ^^ Thank you for sharing the info. Beckie simply shouldn't be the PK taker anymore, and I am glad that the team realized that now. I have seen Beckie take 4 PK's and she has missed 3 of them. Let Beckie be someone we can count on to score on open play. Continue to let Fleming take PK's. I've said this in another thread and I'll say it again here. I am actually glad that Beckie missed against Chile, because that was the "last straw" that prevented her from taking any more PK's. Can you imagine if Beckie had missed against the US? I honestly would have cried.
  5. Thank you boris4c and Obinna. Yes, 8 teams are vying for 2.5 spots. And from the difference in the competitors' rankings, I can see why our men have it harder. Yes, I understand now. No, it's not rocket science. If it's complicated, it would be much harder to be soccer fans.
  6. Thank you so much, everyone, for taking the time to explain this to me. I understand this much better now. This is why I have decided to support the men. If anything, our men need our support much more. I thought that there were 8 spots on the women's CONCACAF based on what I read here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022_CONCACAF_W_Championship But the point is that our men does have it harder, whether the women's side have 2 spots or 8 spots. Thank you again, everyone, and I will be sure to support our men now and in the future.
  7. You guys know me from the women's forum. I became a fan of the Canadian women's team after they made headlines for knocking out Great Britain in London 2012, thanks to Jonelle Filigno's beautiful goal that gave me the first taste of Canada soccer. Sad to say that I never really followed the men's team until now, but better late than never, right? My question is why the Canadian women always qualify for the World Cup whereas the Canadian men haven't qualified since 1986? I think I found the answer, but I want to ask in case I am missing something. Is it because that on the men's side, there is a lot more competition? On the men's side, we have more teams that are higher-ranked than us, like US, Mexico, Honduras, and Jamaica; whereas on the women's side, we only have the US higher-ranked than us. Also, I read that for men, only three teams from CONCACAF qualifies for the WC. On the contrary, for women, eight teams from CONCACAF qualifies for the WWC. Do I have this correct? I think it just comes down to how on the men's side, there are more teams to fight with for a spot in the World Cup so it is just harder for our men to qualify.
  8. For sure. It doesn't matter how you win a tournament, as long as you win. Not taking away their gold medal win in any way. However, obviously scoring more goals would be more practical. The example I have on top of my head is the 2015 World Cup quarterfinal against England. We were down two goals and I remember some broadcaster commenting on how Canada must find a way because Canada had not scored more than one goal a game in that particular tournament. We knew the ending. We ended up only score one goal against England and that wasn't enough to beat them. I was there, sitting at BC Place. It was heartbreaking. That was back in 2015 and I'm sure we've had better games than that, but just saying that we can't always win games by relying on PK's. Glad we won gold in Tokyo. To keep developing, let's work on scoring goals!
  9. I just rewatched the PK shootout between Canada and Brazil. Did you guys notice that Steph didn't really do any "shenanigans" to the Brazillians? (I say "shenanigans" because that is the same word Fleming used last weekend at the Allstate soccer show when describing goalie mind games.) I am actually glad that Steph didn't use shenanigans against Brazil, because then Sweden would expect it. I am guessing that these shenanigans aren't new in soccer, but they still work. Does anyone know if Steph has used these shenanigans in any shootouts or PK's in general? I know Canada and Sweden were in a shootout a few years ago, before the 2019 World Cup. What did Steph do in that shootout? I've said it once and I'll say it again - it's not easy for a team to win two shootouts in the same tournament. Sure, it has happened in both men's and women's soccer, but not often. This is why I am really proud of Steph for doing what she did. Canada, being in their second shootout, had a disadvantage, but Steph also had something up her sleeve.
  10. Thank you for the explanation, Jedi Ram. Interesting, so the men has a different ranking system. I didn't really know how it worked, but I kind of figured that winning on PK's don't count considering that they are recorded as ties. In other words, we need to score more and win more!
  11. I just listened to an interview where Sinclair said that the team planned in advance for Fleming to take a PK if needed against USA, because USA were probably expecting Sinclair to take it and would try to figure out what moves she would make. She said that she had missed and Beckie had missed, and because Fleming had not missed, Fleming got the job. I guess it wasn't a last minute decision to dump that responsibility on Fleming to take the PK like I originally thought. It just looked like it because Sinclair had grabbed the ball initially and it looked like she was going to take it. Also, I just watched yesterday's NWSL game and Sinclair had to take a PK against Sheridan. Sheridan knew exactly which way Sinclair would go but it went in anyway. I am just relieved that Sinclair is taking PK's again. This shows that she can absolutely take PK's against a teammate.
  12. Just saw this today. Canada jumped 2 spots after our Olympic gold, so we are ranked #6 in the world. I honestly don't know how the point system works but I am seeing mixed comments, anywhere from "it's a fair system" to "it's not fair and we should be higher". Again, I don't know enough to really add my own comments. I just know that I'm sure it would help if we could score more goals. Then of course, there are people saying that USA shouldn't be the top team anymore. Happy for Sweden that they are #2 in the rankings. I hope the people in Sweden will be proud of this despite losing gold at the Olympics. I personally am looking forward to seeing more of Sweden in the future. https://www.fifa.com/fifa-world-ranking/women?dateId=ranking_20210820
  13. Obviously, this is aside from the medal color. Result-wise, we know that Tokyo is the best, but performance-wise, which Olympics would you say is the best between London, Rio, and Tokyo? I would have to go with Rio, hands down, especially for offense. If we had won gold in Rio, I doubt anyone would say that we lacked goal-scoring abilities (like in Tokyo), or that we over-relied on Sinclair to score goals (like in London). We had the rising star Beckie who I would pick as the player of the tournament, with all her goals and that mad assist to Schmidt in the quarterfinals to knock out France. We had Sinclair, Beckie, and Tancredi all on the scoresheet. I remember wanting to change my user name to recognize Beckie during Rio. LOL... We were on fire in that tournament until, unfortunately, the semis against Germany. But I thought we did well in the bronze-medal match against Brazil. Defensively and for goalkeeping, I might pick Tokyo. Labbe wasn't as good in Rio as she was in Tokyo. I thought she was all right for her first Olympics. I just remember Buchanan being awful in Rio which was a surprise for me since Buchanan had done so well prior to that. I just want to emphasize that I am by no means an expert. Heck, I don't even play soccer. I am just speaking as a fan who loves the sport and as an athlete of another sport who admires these women. Looking forward to a discussion on this.
  14. Thinking about this, I am now glad that Beckie missed the penalty against Chile, because that was what got her off the job as the PK taker. Missing against Chile was no big deal because we ended up winning that game anyway and that miss made Fleming the new PK taker. Can you imagine if Beckie had taken the PK against USA and missed? I probably would have cried.
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