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Vanessa Gilles interview after She Believes Cup

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Season #2 - Episode #7 - Vanessa Gilles star of the recent She Believes Cup tournament with the Canadian Women’s National team joins the Snobs this week! Vanessa fresh off her player of the match performance against the powerhouse American team speaks with the Snobs about her career. Growing up in Ottawa, going to school at the University of Cincinnati moving to Cyprus and then now to Girondins Bordeaux Vanessa continues to rise in the soccer ranks. Based on her recent national team performances is she going to move?  Or did she sign a new deal with Bordeaux?  Vanessa fit in perfectly with the Snobs, her sense of humour is top notch and she even may be the biggest joker/prankster in the National team. Find out, what her favourite snack was before matches in high school, you will NEVER guess! Tune in to find out.







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Good seven minute video around Bordeaux setting their record for most points in the league ever. Some pre-game talk, quick pre-game speech from her on the field, game play and with the coach after. Kudos to her and the whole organization. Just a fantastic season and so nice to see good people succeed against the odds. 

There are 15 positive cases on Lyon alone and all their league and Champions League matches are postponed. No comment on the masking other than breathing eau de spraying gob of a dozen or more heavy breathing people in the box waiting for a corner isn't a great way to isolate. But while that's a decision you can't make as a professional player, other decisions are within your control.


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