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  1. I love Fleming but her form in the last 5 games with the National team (She Believe Cup and the last 2 games) hasn't been impressive. She scored a great goal v Wales, but she isn't bossing games at all and losing the ball easily. Hopefully it's a blip as to do anything at the Olympics she will have to raise her level of play.
  2. 🎙Soccer Snobs - Season #2 - Episode #15 - Canadian National Team player Jordyn Listro ⚽Season #2 - Episode #15 - Jordyn Listro - Want to hear a story about someone who just LOVES the game, never gave up and overcame all obstacles in front of her to succeed? Then listen to this story of how Jordyn Listro persevered and made it to the NWSL as a professional and the Canadian Women's National team. Out of the game for almost 2 years Jordyn's drive, determination and belief saw her get signed by the Orlando Pride in the NWSL and to reach her ultimate goal of playing for the National team.
  3. Season #2 - Episode #14 - Nic Dasovic Season #2 - Episode #14 - Nic Dasovic - What a great interview this one was. Nic tells us about his early days at Dynamo Zagreb where he learnt how to fight and become a professional. To his days with the National team and St. Johnstone were he had his best playing days helping an unfancied club reach the top of the Scottish game and compete with Celtic and Rangers! Nic is now a coach with the Vancouver Whitecaps and has spent time coaching in the youth national teams as well. His down to earth attitude and wit are a joy to listen to. His advice to co
  4. Season #2 - Episode #10 - Stephen Hart Canadian National Team and Halifax Wanderers coach Season #2 - Episode #10 - Stephen Hart former Canadian National Team coach and current Halifax Wanderers coach joins the Snobs. What a wealth of knowledge and a refreshing talk. Stephen talks honestly about Canada's 8-1 loss to Honduras and the lead up to the game. His thoughts on coaching and his experiences in the game are insightful. A must listen to for any Canada soccer fan and coaches out there, get your masters lesson done by listening to Stephen today. Apple: http://apple.co/3rZ0f
  5. Former Portugal, Benfica star and Canadian national team coach Tony Fonseca Season #2 - Episode #9 - What more can one guest bring to the table? You want international soccer? Tony discusses his time with Portugal. Major European soccer? Well how is Benfica and his time there? Did you want to hear from someone who coached our National team as well as Olympic team? Check, Tony's done that and tells us about it. Coach talk? Check. Funny stories? Check. All these and even more from an intriguing person with loads of experience and some incredible stories. Listen to his playing story about fa
  6. Season #2 - Episode #7 - Vanessa Gilles star of the recent She Believes Cup tournament with the Canadian Women’s National team joins the Snobs this week! Vanessa fresh off her player of the match performance against the powerhouse American team speaks with the Snobs about her career. Growing up in Ottawa, going to school at the University of Cincinnati moving to Cyprus and then now to Girondins Bordeaux Vanessa continues to rise in the soccer ranks. Based on her recent national team performances is she going to move? Or did she sign a new deal with Bordeaux? Vanessa fit in perfectly with the
  7. Season #2 - Episode #6 - Carl Haworth Season #2 - Episode #6 - Carl Haworth - Carl Haworth - Guess who is back? Mr. Ottawa Fury himself, captain Carl Haworth! Carl comes on the show with the boys to talk about his career. Did Steve and Marc harass him into submission to come to the Fury PDL team? How does Carl get a blue check mark on Twitter? How close was Carl to quitting soccer entirely before coming to the Fury? Who was the best Fury player Carl played with? Hear about Carl's rise to the top of his game and find out most importantly, would he rather use an outhouse for the rest of his
  8. As discussed elsewhere in these forums I've started one thread where I can release interviews we do with Canadian players. I hope some people enjoy, if not I guess ignore! 🙂 Season #2 - Episode #3 - Ben Fisk Atletico Ottawa Season 2 - Episode 3 - Ben Fisk - Atletico Ottawa first EVER signing Ben Fisk joins the snobs today! Ben Fisk is a star midfielder for Atletico Ottawa in the Canadian Premier League. What place was Ben in jersey sales in the CPL last season? Why did he leave Pacific FC to join Ottawa? What was a day in the life in the bubble at the Island games? Does Ben
  9. My apologies guys. I didn't mean to bombard anyone. I for sure don't post all of our shows as I don't want to come out as spam. We have done a lot of shows though with former Canadian Internationals so those I throw in here as I assumed there would be interest. Moving forward I will add a thread in the players forum for any of those interviews. Thanks for the feedback so I follow the proper protocols.
  10. thank you for the feedback
  11. Season #2 - Episode #1 - Iain Hume Episode #1 - You want raw honest opinions? You have come to the right show! Iain Hume is as honest as they come as the snobs talk to him about his career with Canada, England and India! He holds no punches about former managers and we delve into his horrific life threatening head injury. Don't miss this one folks!!!! Apple https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/soccer-snobs-season-2-episode-1-iain-hume/id1525769929?i=1000505841655 Spotify Google https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9hbmNob3IuZm0vcy8zNjdmMTYyMC9wb
  12. The Soccer Snobs - Episode #37 – Season Finale! - Patrice Bernier Episode #37 - Season Finale! - Patrice Bernier - Hold onto your hats folks! Our season 1 finale is a beauty! Patrice Bernier, one of the MontreaI Impact and Canada's best ever players sits down with the Snobs. We talk about Patrice's multi sport youth sports career, his career in Europe, why he came home and much, much more! A very honest and hilarious episode! Don't miss it! Apple https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/soccer-snobs-season-finale-episode-37-patrice-bernier/id1525769929?i=1000505141849 Spotify
  13. Episode 34 - The soccer snobs have an important conversation, with two of Ottawa's great soccer minds! Carleton University coaches Kwesi Loney and Kwame Telemaque join the snobs to discuss racism in soccer. We hold no punches, and bring up issues that need to be spoken about, and we ensure to promote an amazing Ottawa initiative "Athletes combating racism". The boys also have a ton of fun with some hilarious questions, have some great laughs, and who wins the quiz? Do the Head and Assistant Coach of Carleton University Men's Soccer Team win the quiz question ABOUT Carleton? Listen and fin
  14. Episode #33 - Janine and Drew Beckie Episode #33 - The Snobs are joined by Janine and Drew Beckie. What a pure pleasure to interview two incredible Canadian athletes who are both extremely humble and hard working. How could anyone not love these two? Janine Beckie is currently a star forward on the Canadian Women's National team as well as Manchester City in England's Women's Premier League! Drew Beckie played PDL under Marc, Jason and Stephen as well as with the Ottawa Fury NASL and USL teams. They both have some great life stories that people can learn from as well as some fun sibling r
  15. Episode #33 - Janine and Drew Beckie Episode #33 - The Snobs are joined by Janine and Drew Beckie. What a pure pleasure to interview two incredible Canadian athletes who are both extremely humble and hard working. How could anyone not love these two? Janine Beckie is currently a star forward on the Canadian Women's National team as well as Manchester City in England's Women's Premier League! Drew Beckie played PDL under Marc, Jason and Stephen as well as with the Ottawa Fury NASL and USL teams. They both have some great life stories that people can learn from as well as some fun sibling r
  16. JamboAl, Declan mentions Canada and the CSL as one of the most corrupt leagues in the world. Have a listen to his story about a team from the Niagara Peninsula, for me it is perhaps the best part of the episode and an absolutely mental story.
  17. Listen in to this episode. Author Declan Hill who wrote "The Fix" discusses our national team fixing a game in the 1987 Merlion Cup. He also notes that our country is one of the worst when it comes to match fixing. Intriguing stuff. Soccer Snobs - Episode #31 – Declan Hill author of “The Fix” Episode #31 – The Snobs strike gold here being joined by Declan Hill a world renowned author of "The Fix" and a leading expert in match fixing in soccer. This is a real eye opener and our listeners are in for an absolute treat. Listen to some great stories about his infiltration into a match fi
  18. Episode #29 - John Limniatis - Gear up Snob Nation we have a beauty this week! John Limniatis, one of the best Canadian players of all time joins up with the Snobs to talk about his career in Ottawa and playing top level in Greece! A bidding war for a Canadian player in the 80's?? It happened! We get into some serious chat about the CSA and do they do enough for alumni? Impact name change, and John gets into how he runs his Lakeshore Club as the Technical Director. Its all here, this guy is as honest as they come - a breath of fresh air! Enjoy! Apple https://podcasts.app
  19. Miranda Smith - Today the Snobs welcome one of the most recently decorated soccer players in Ottawa! Miranda Smith was Captain of the Ottawa U Women's Soccer Team who won the Usports National Championship in 2018 and then was a big part of that same team who won the University WORLD CUP in 2019! She most recently played professionally in Finland! She is joined by Ottawa U Women's Team Assistant Coach Stuart Barbour, who offers his insight into numerous issues in the women's game. He also has some VERY interesting stats about Charmaine Hooper v. Christine Sinclair! Does Miranda like butter
  20. rkomar Sorry to hear you had issues. We didn't make any changes. I do know that our podcast host went down for about 4hrs the other day so maybe that was why. I know you said it's OK, but if ever you have issues don't hesitate to message me or go on our social media and send me a message. I'll see what I can do to help!!
  21. Our Podcast had the pure pleasure to interview Carol Anne. What a story, from being an Olympic speed skater to refereeing the Women's Olympic Gold Medal game. This FIFA referee represented Canada for years on the world stage. She was so engaging, funny and gave amazing insight into the referee world. This was truly one of if not the most enjoyable interview we've done. I can't recommend listening to Carol Anne enough, referee, player, coach, whatever your role in the game we can all learn from her. Apple https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/soccer-snobs-episode-25-carol-anne-chenard/id15
  22. A local Ottawa boy makes it! The snobs delve deep into his life and find out how he made it to play pro in Europe. He was purchased at the transfer deadline - find out by which club here! Can Kris juggle a balloon and how many times? A great story of struggles and perseverance and a great role model for youth in Ottawa! Even such a well spoken young man can't escape the ridiculous rapid fire and would you rathers by the Snobs. Apple https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/soccer-snobs-episode-23-kris-twardek/id1525769929?i=1000499107540 Spotify Google Play https://podc
  23. The Snobs welcome Rob Gale the GM and Head Coach of Valour FC in the Canadian Premier League to the show. Rob is one of the most engaging and honest professionals we have come across, and you won't want to miss this! Rob talks about recruiting for the CPL, how he runs his team, and a lot of really interesting info about his time as Canada youth team Coach! Also, find out if he wears an undershirt under a suit, what club he supports, and most importantly, has he seen Tiger King on Netflix? Apple https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/soccer-snobs-episode-21-rob-gale/id1525769929?i=10
  24. I wish more people listened to the episode as she is a pioneer for the women's game in Canada.
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