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Canada vs France friendly, April 9 in Rennes, France

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10 hours ago, BreadBoy said:

As of Tuesday morning, the day after the game, the only video Canada Soccer has posted a link to is the French highlights! Maybe someone will have time today to post the Canadian highlights.


I watched the halftime summary during the original program, and I don't remember any Canadian highlights.  I don't think the French were interested in recapping them.

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5 hours ago, dsqpr said:

First pen was bogus. Handball has to be DELIBERATE and Matheson was actually trying to pull her arm back and OUT of the way of the ball.

Second pen was a classic German flop but legit as Scott did kick her and you can't do that!

Even so, good to see a female ref for a women's match.

Uhmm that was Bibiana Steinhaus. She refs in the Bundesliga, i.e. the men's. 

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