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Canadians in NASL (2011 season)

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Here's a current thread to keep tabs on all the players in this year's NASL season. Please reply to the thread with additions, omissions or corrections.


Jas Gill - GK - '89

Justin Ammar - GK - '88 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Justin_Ammar

David Monsalve - GK - '88 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Monsalve

Alex Suprenant - DF - '89 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alex_Surprenant

John Jonke - DF - '87 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Jonke

Antonio Rago - DF - '90 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_Rago

André Duberry - DF - '82 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andr%C3%A9_Duberry

Niko Saler - DF - '92 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Niko_Saler

Paul Hamilton - DF - '88 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Hamilton_(soccer)

Adrian Leroy - DF - '87 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adrian_LeRoy

Shaun Saiko - MF - '89 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shaun_Saiko

Dominic Oppong - MF - '86 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominic_Oppong

Eddy Sidra - MF - '89 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eddy_Sidra

Chris Kooy - MF - '82 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Kooy

Sam Lam - MF - '87 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sam_Lam

Kyle Porter - MF - '90 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyle_Porter

Chris Lemire - MF - '83 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Lemire

Alex Semenets - FW - '90 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alex_Semenets

Paul Craig - FW - '88 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Craig_(soccer)

Michael Cox - FW - '92 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Cox_(soccer)

Kyle Yamada - FW - '83 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyle_Yamada


Andres Arango - DF - '83 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andres_Arango

Mozzi Gyorio - MF - '89 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mozzi_Gyorio


Greg Sutton - GK - '77 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greg_Sutton_%28soccer%29

Nevio Pizzolitto - DF - '76 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nevio_Pizzolitto

Reda Agourram - MF - '90 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reda_Agourram

António Ribeiro - MF - '80 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ant%C3%B3nio_Ribeiro_%28soccer%29

Simon Gatti - MF - '81 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_Gatti

Pierre-Rudolph Mayard - MF - '88 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre-Rudolph_Mayard

Ali Gerba - FW - '81 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ali_Gerba

Mircea Ilcu - FW - '91 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mircea_Ilcu

Marco Terminesi - FW - '84 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marco_Terminesi


Gino Mauro - DF

Jack Stewart - DF - '83 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Stewart_%28soccer%29

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Minnesota has apparently signed Jack Stewart, who's just a sliver less Canadian than Will Johnson, but he did train with the Canadian squad back in 07 so he might be included as he was before on MOACA lists:

"Despite their experience, questions remain for the Stars in key positions. The offseason loss of defender Andres Arango, who signed for FC Tampa Bay, strips the Stars not only of their captain from the second half of 2010, but of a key piece of central defense. In Arango’s absence, Kyle Altman, who started 2010 as a defensive midfielder before stepping back to central defense, will be expected to lead the Stars from the back. To replace Arango, Lagos recruited former Miami FC center back Cristiano and former Carolina RailHawks and Real Salt Lake defenseman Jack Stewart. Stewart will make the trip to Atlanta, and the Stars’ success in their season opener could depend on how quickly he and Altman can form a relationship."


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April 9

-Ali Gerba, Nevio Pizzolitto, Simon Gatti, Pierre Rudolph-Mayard all started and played the whole match for Montreal in a 1-0 loss to FC Tampa Bay. Antonio Ribiero started and was subbed off in the 70th minute. Mozzi Gyorio came on in the 90+ for the winning side.

-Shauk Saiko scored Edmonton's first goal in their 2-1 road win over the Fort Lauderdale Strikers. Also featuring were Chris Kooy, Alex Suprenant and Chris Lemire, (that's all that I can gather between the photograph from the club's article and their twitter). Eddy Sidra came on as a substitute (this from the RPB board). Sam Lam came on in the 90th minute.

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^ Also featuring for FC Edmonton were: Alex Semenets, Kyle Yamada, Dominic Oppong and Paul Hamilton. Lots of Canadian content including plenty of guys who have played CIS soccer. This team doing well in NASL could do a great deal of good for Canadian soccer.

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April 16

-Jack Stewart started and played 90 minutes in NSC Minnesota's away draw with Fort Lauderdale. He picked up a yellow card in the 21st minute.

-Pizzolitto, Gerba and Mayard all played 90 minutes in the Impact's 2-1 away loss to Carolina. Gatti started and was subbed out for Ribiero at 71'. Ali Gerba received a yellow in the 31st minute.

-In Atlanta, FC Edmonton defeated the Silverbacks 1-0 on a goal by Alex Suprenant.

Canadians in the starting lineup for FCE: D Surprenant, D Hamilton, D Oppong, D Rago, M Saiko, M Yamada, M Kooy, F Lemire, F Semenets

Semenets was subbed off due to injury early in the match.

Sam Lam subbed on at 60'.

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April 20

-Carolina handed FC Edmonton their first loss of the season, 2-0. Alex Suprenant, Shaun Saiko, Chris Lemire, Paul Hamilton, Chris Kooy, Dominic Oppong, Antonio Rago and Sam Lam all started for the good guys. Andre Duberry subbed on for Suprenant in '75 and Kyle Yamada in for Rago in the 79th minute. Suprenant, Lam and Lemire all picked up yellows.

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April 23

-Montreal Impact's home opener ends in a draw 0-0 with Tampa Bay. Nevio Pizzolitto and Ali Gerba both started and played the whole match for Montreal. Antonio Ribieiro and Pierre-Rudolph Mayard both substituted in for Montreal in the 75th minute. Andres Arango went 90 minutes for Tampa Bay and Mozzi Gyorio subbed in at 89'.

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April 27

-FC Edmonton lose 3-0 in the first leg of their Voyageur's Cup semi-final match up against TFC.

"FC Edmonton’s starters included goalkeeper Reinn Baart, defenders Alex Suprenant, Paul Hamilton, Dominic Oppong and Antonio Rago, midfielders Shaun Saiko, Kyle Yamada, Chris Kooy and Chris Lemire and forwards Conrad Smith and Kyle Porter."

Oscar Cordon started for TFC.

-In the other semi final, Vancouver downed Montreal 1-0. Terry Dunfield and Russell Teibert both played 90 minutes for the Whitecaps and combined on the match's only goal (Teibert to Dunfield). Ali Gerba and Nevio Pizzolitto both played 90 for Montreal. Ribeiro and Mayard both subbed on at 75'.

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May 1

-Ali Gerba scored twice and Nevio Pizzolitto scored a PK in Montreal's 5-0 rout over FCE. Mayard subbed in for Ali in the 66th minute and Antonio Ribeiro started and was subbed out for Simon Gatti in 81'.

Paul Hamilton (D), Dominic Oppong (D), Alex Surprenant (D), Chris Kooy (M), Kyle Yamada (M), and Chris Lemire (F) all went 90 for FCE. Rago subbed in for Duberry at the half, Porter in for Saiko at 66', and Paul Craig in for Lam at 79'. Ribeiro, Saiko and Hamilton were all cautioned with yellows during the match.

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May 4 (stats blasted from http://oot-football.blogspot.com/ )

-A 1-0 loss for FCE to TFC in their second leg V's cup semi-final.


Adrian Cann 90

Julian de Guzman 72


Kyle Yamada 90

Niko Saler 90

Paul Hamilton 90

Dominic Oppong 73

Antonio Rago 90

Sam Lam 90

Chris Kooy 90

Kyle Porter 90

Paul Craig 28

-Vancouver move on to face TFC in the V's cup final with their 1-1 overtime result against Montreal.


Terry Dunfield 120

Russell Teibert 90


Nevio Pizzolitto 120

Ali Gerba 120 *GOAL*

Pierre-Rudolph Mayard 45

Antonio Ribeiro 45

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-Mozzi Gyorio started and played 73 minutes in FC Tampa Bay's 3-1 loss to Carolina.

-Jack Stewart went 90 for Minnesota as they tied 1-1 with Fort Lauderdale. He picked up a yellow in the match.

-Paul Craig (MotM) and Kyle Porter both scored in FCE's 2-0 away win at Atlanta. Saiko, Suprenant, Lam, Kooy, Oppong (and probably other Canadians) also featured for FCE.

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May 11

-FCE get a 1-1 road draw against Tampa Bay. Suprenant, Rago, Saiko, Yamada, Kooy (goal) and Craig (assist) all go 90 for the Eddies. Hamilton starts and is subbed off for John Jonke at 74', Sam Lam starts and plays 81 minutes and Kyle Porter starts and went 68 minutes. None of the two TB Canadians saw the pitch for the home team.

-Montreal defeats MLS side New York Red Bulls 1-0. Gatti and Gerba both get the start for Montreal with Gatti playing the entire match and Gerba scoring the lone goal. Gerba was subbed by Agourram in the 58th minute. Mayard and Ribeiro both played the second half for Montreal. Greg Sutton was in net for NY and DeRo started and played a half.

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May 14

-Montreal Impact lose 2-1 to Carolina. Simon Gatti and Ali Gerba played the entire match. Reda Agourram came on in 54'. Gatti assisted on Montreal's lone goal.

-Jack Stewart played 45 minutes in Minnesota's 3-0 thrashing of Atlanta.

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May 21

-Montreal lost away to FFC Tampa Bay 3-0. Nevio Pizzolitto and Reda Agourram both played 90 minutes. Antonio Ribeiro subbed on in 58' and Pierre-Rudolph Mayard came on in the 75th minute. Andres Arango started for TB and subbed off in the 35th minute.

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May 23

-FCE defeated NSC Minnesota 2-1 with Kyle Porter scoring both of Edmonton's goals. Also featuring for FCE: Alex Suprenant, Kyle Yamada, Paul Hamilton...

May 28

-Montreal drew 0-0 away to Ft. Lauderdale. Simon Gatti and Reda Agourram both started and played 90 minutes for Montreal. Antonio Ribeiro was an 89th minute sub.

-Mozzi Gyorio played the whole match in Tampa Bay's 0-0 draw at Minnesota.

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May 31

-FC Edmonton thrashed (maybe?) FC Tampa Bay 4-0 in an FCE home game. Rago, Hamilton, Saler, Saiko, Kooy, Oppong and Porter all played 90 for Edmonton. Craig and Yamada both subbed off in the second half (56' and 75', respectively) with Cox coming on for Yamada. Porter (assist from Yamada), Yamada and Saiko (assist from Cox) scored for Edmonton.

Mozzi Gyorio played 90 for TB. Arango is injured.

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June 5

-Montreal defeats FC Edmonton 2-0 in Montreal. Reda Agourram starts and is subbed off by Mayard in the 73rd minute. Antonio Ribeiro starts, assists on the first goal and is subbed off in the 81st minute. Hamilton, Rago, Saler, Kooy and Porter all play 90 minutes for FCE. Cox subs on in 64', Craig starts and plays 76' and Oppong starts and plays 80'.

-FC Tampa Bay loses 2-1 to Carolina. Mozzi Gyorio plays the entire match and apparently had a good scoring chance just miss.

"In the 45th minute, Tampa saw a chance go off the woodwork. Mozzi Gyorio hit a 20-yard free kick off the crossbar just before intermission."

-Jack Stewart plays the entire match in Minnesota's 2-0 win over Atlanta.

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-Marco Terminesi is no longer on the Montreal Impact's roster

-Justin Ammar was added to the FC Edmonton roster

June 8

-Montreal lost 2-1 on the road in Atlanta. Gatti, Ribeiro, and Agourram all started for the Impact. Agourram subbed off for Mayard in 36' as Agourram suffered a calf injury. Ribeiro was red carded in the 89th minute.

June 10

-FCE lost 1-0 to Carolina in Edmonton. Rago, Hamilton, Jonke, Suprenant, Saiko, Kooy, Oppong and Porter all started for Edmonton. Craig came on for Saiko in the 54th minute and Cox on for Chin in the 78th minute. FCE's goalkeeper, Lance Parker, broke his arm with 10 minutes left and newly signed Canadian backup Justin Ammar came on as a sub.

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June 12

-FC Tampa Bay defeated Atlanta 3-2. Andres Arango started and played the whole match for Tampa Bay. Mozzi Gyorio was a 75th minute sub.

-Simon Gatti came on in the 72nd minute and Reda Agourram in the 75th minute of a 2-1 loss away for Montreal in Puerto Rico.

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