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  1. Missing- Davies, Arfield and yet to see Eustacio in the mix! Beyond excited!!
  2. Great convo, for another thread perhaps!?!
  3. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2018/march/paton-pens-pro-deal/ Hope this works out into something!
  4. Has anyone heard how Jonathan David is doing at K.A.A. Gent? I know he’s not cracking the first team lineup but is he with the reserves getting minutes?
  5. I watched this game and Millar played very well! Most of the game he was out on the LW but for the final part of the game was moved to a CF role. He has pretty good pace and loves to run at defenders. His name was mentioned a lot. Especially once he moved to CF. nice set up on one of the early goals too
  6. Hoilett. Haber. Jackson arfield. Aird Piette tissot. James. Lefebvre. ledge leutwiter
  7. That's quite the claim! What are you basing this on? also what time does the roster come out?
  8. Nice video of Malyk Hamilton on the Hammers Twitter page http://wes.hm/MH160117
  9. Adekube is starting in the FA cup match against MK Dons
  10. Adekube is back with the Albion U23's today in cup action.
  11. I think the lack of experience might not be so bad in our current state. We tried the experienced, let me use my old game planning and fizzed out. Fearless and fresh idea's and strategy may be just what is needed. I'm not saying I want someone coming in and implementing ridiculous off the board tactics but maybe someone that doesn't over think it and is a players coach (which I would guess Dos Santos is) could be good.
  12. I think Piette would excel in the right system that allows him to focus on the d mid position which he never was put in under floro very much. Him coming on a goal down makes no sense. Not his strength. He's nicknamed bulldog for a reason! If he's able to focus on the aggressive defensive disruptive aspect of the midfield he would be an asset. He's got a better soccer iq then people on here are giving him credit I believe. He can make the smart pass to get things moving forward but not likely going to drop a 30 yard bullet through ball to release a winger. But hey it's just my opinion! You probably don't want to hear my opinion on haber either!
  13. By no means am I trying to put the cart before the horse but if we make it through to the hex, when would that be?
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