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    Former CF member (28 yrs), Amateur Referee for over 30 yrs, have played and coached as well as running a league at Edmonton Garrison.
    Supporter of FC Edmonton and Arsenal FC.
  1. The move of the Indy Eleven from the NASL to the USL is most likely the final nail in the coffin for this league. San Diego has indicated it will not commence operations before 2019, only two of the five "confirmed" teams have head coaches (Jacksonville and Puerto Rico, and Puerto Rico only has an interim head coach). The rapid demise of the NASL must rest squarely on the shoulders of the New York Cosmos and former commissioner David Peterson. At a time (2013-16) when the league should have been working on developing the franchises it had and bringing on stable new teams, the Cosmos and P
  2. While the fate of FC Edmonton was sealed with the impending demise of the NASL, brought on by some seriously misguided management of the league and its aspirations, the real fault of FC Edmonton's demise, and of every previous professional soccer endeavour in this city, lies directly with the so-called soccer fans than can never be bothered to support the local team. Drillers, Eagles, Brickmen, Drillers (again), Aviators and now FC Edmonton, all suffered from fan apathy. Even in their best seasons the soccer fans of this city have failed as a group to get behind these efforts. In the Fa
  3. With a 1-1-3 start and their arch-rivals visiting Stamford Bridge, Chelsea FC needed an outstanding effort to secure 3 points. And they got it from Referee Mike Dean. In what can only be called the worst job by a referee in the Premier League this season, Mike Dean made every effort to ensure the field was tilted Chelsea's way. Despite numerous swings to the face of Laurent Kocielny and a wild swing to the defender's head, which the Arsenal defender did not retaliate to, Diego Costa was only yellow carded and that for a further pushing match with Arsenal defender Gabriel (who also receiv
  4. No worse than the increase travel FC Edmonton will face now with Puerto Rico back in the league.
  5. The NASL's announcement of it's 13th franchise being awarded to Puerto Rico FC, under the ownership of NBA star Carmelo Anthony, is a bad news story all around for Canada's two NASL teams and the potential for additional clubs in Canada. For Edmonton and Ottawa, their travel bill just got bigger. Puerto Rico last played in the NASL in 2011, the Islanders went on hiatus following that season, originally planning a fall 2012 return then 2013, before eventually going belly up. The current structure of the league (Spring and Fall Schedules) is not amenable to having teams play twice on a tri
  6. Over the past couple years I have been searching every nook and cranny of the internet for information on the Canadian Professional Soccer League. Thanks in a large part to the Google Newspaper Archive, I have been able to piece together the results of all but one game and attendance figures for many of the games. My hope is to write a book about this league which, while being a little more than a footnote in Canada's soccer history, is a cautionary tale with plenty of lessons to be learned. While I have been able to find many articles relating to this league, I am interested in possibly he
  7. Okay, we have the Voyageurs Cup, but that is for the Amway Canadian Championship and gives the winner a berth in CONCACAF Champions League (although Vancouver finally got a Champions League berth without winning it last year). We have three Canadian teams in MLS that play each other at least once per year (three times for Toronto and Montreal). Why not have a prize for the best of the three each year, either based on regular season standings or the results of one match against each of the other two. We could call it the Maple Leaf Shield (get it the MLS). While it's a good bet that it
  8. Last summer there was some noise about various CFL owners (Hamilton, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan and Calgary) partnering with the NASL to build a Canadian conference of the league. This was fuelled by the new stadia these clubs have or will have in the future and Ottawa was put forward as the model to follow. A few months later the Canadian MLS clubs announced their participation in the USL with their reserve sides for 2015 and nothing more was said about the CFL-NASL plan. I firmly believe that MLS is working hard to undermine, and eventually kill the NASL. The addition of NYCFC (a direct chal
  9. What would happen if Canadian fans acted the same as the Costa Rican fans did this evening? CONCACAF would probably kick our team out of the tournament!
  10. I want to thank Craig Forrest for speaking up on tonight's broadcast on SportsNet about the absolutely embarrassing conduct of the fans in Costa Rica. I also applaud his calling out of CONCACAF for its ignoring of this ongoing blight on the sport. Central Americans may be avid fans of the games but when the host games such as this they are among the worst fans (and actually they are not fans they are hooligans). There behaviour harkens back to the Ugly Englishmen of the 80s whose barbaric behaviour saw English clubs banned from European competitions for a couple years. Even the recent emba
  11. Is officiating at the national level in Canada that poor that these are the best referees we can get? My god, this is the Canadian Championships not house league play.
  12. According to Wikipedia, 12,826 fans attended this game. I guess most of them were disguised as seats.
  13. This semi-final series will be know as the PK series, for two PKs given and two PKs not given. In the dying moments of the 1st leg with FCE leading 2-1, a simple penalty call was ignored by Mr. Petrescu and, moments later after the ball was cleared downfield, blew the final whistle. In the second leg, Mr. Fischer had three separate incidents to deal with. For the incident which brought FC Edmonton to the spot, the foul was committed (even if the Edmonton player made more of it than he should have, but don't they all). For the penalty shout against Nyassi, six of one half a dozen of another,
  14. Over the past three years the NASL has been walking the tightrope with the USSF regarding its sanctioning. While the USSF allowed the NASL to temporarily be in breach of the Professional League Standards (3 of 8 non-US based in 2011, teams playing in facilities of less than 5,000 seats, minimum of franchises and multiple franchise ownership), the USSF has made it abundantly clear that it would revoke sanctioning in the future if the standards are not adhered to. With the USL anxious to regain Div 2 status, it would be sheer folly for the NASL to ignore the USSF and its rules. A go around t
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