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  1. Isn't Eustaquio a #10? Never seen him play tho.
  2. I see no reason not to have academies. Even if they don't "in real life" for sure each of the CPL clubs will have affiliations with local clubs from which they will sign players. 100% PFC will be in regular talks with Wave FC, and at the PDL level working with Highlanders if not also TSS for youth recruitment and development. PFC will probably develop it's own youth academy as pay-to-play is expected here anyway outside the Whitecaps (and kids pay to play in their lower level academies anyway).
  3. People keep calling this The Golden Generation. It might be. It might. But how about we actually beat A Real Team first and see if these kids are any good. Very young and inexperienced. Unlikely they can win in Central America yet. Gold Cup will be a great warm-up. But that we've been playing just 1 game during the NL matches and not getting in games for these kids in Central America or at least the Caribbean during these last two windows is a mistake, I fear.
  4. Davies MUST leave Vancouver on or exceptionally near his 18th bday. Any Euro club. Any! Ok freak out over. He'd be best served going to Germany. As much as I'd love to see a Canadian thrive at Man Utd, he won't. Although he is certainly a Mourinho-type - I think, I know, he'd be found out. Let him go to Germany. They will have more patience, and he'll get into a team.
  5. Have a CIS draft. NCAA players that aren't selected to MLS can contact CPL clubs like any other player in any other country. Each CPL team will have some sort of youth development system - either their own academy or a link with the local leagues to scout and sign players at the older teen ages.
  6. No contact with players and clubs? How many debuts did Zambrano hand out? Maybe he wasn't in touch with players he deemed not good enough. No games? Since when does the coach set the games schedule?
  7. Cloverdale would be a disaster. No one from Vancouver would attend - how many would drive from there? Few, at best.
  8. Yes I think there should be a draft. But, I don't understand why you think it would not be at first but rather they would introduce it later? That's completely backwards. At first the league will not have the scouting system, nor youth academies far enough along, to sign players in an open system. Much like USA the draft will serve those few top players that weren't able to access a youth academy, or are late bloomers. UBC has been making some impressive "signings" lately (particularly from Whitecaps) - yes it's the best school from an education perspective, but my guess is becaus
  9. CSA doesn't rely on USSF coaching courses at all - that people choose to attend them is their decision. CSA offers all the necessary courses to coach in Canada.
  10. If I am not mistaken some of the Whitecaps youth and senior coaches have been involved in this.
  11. I voted Tomori. Tabla is potentially much more exciting but we need a CB!
  12. Yes a player has responsibility to do everything they can to develop. But, at what point do serious questions need to be asked of the Whitecaps development system that they are merely developing USL-level players, and have been since the academy started.
  13. it's got nothing to do with "little success" son. Take a step back and think a minute.
  14. Actually, no, you don't. I am not saying don't call him and ignoring the reasons you listed. In normal circumstances, sure, I agree with you. Larin is not currently in "normal circumstances." He needs to stay away right now.
  15. It's odd he hasn't played, and if he hasn't at this point when everyone else has he is indeed unlikely to play a role in a knockout match. If a change must be made for Larin then this is it. I don't think any changes should be made.
  16. no changes - unless someone is injured and unlikely to play anymore.
  17. For me Petrasso is the biggest and best tournament surprise. Davies has 3 goals from open play, and that's wonderful but TBH not totally unexpected. Petrasso being a fairly dominant defender at right back - now that solves a tonne of CMNT problems!
  18. You are correct over the long term. My point is how many quality players are we losing at the ages of 7-13 when coaches are coaching to win then, rather than develop. This is my point. Trust me, we're losing loads.
  19. Don't underestimate FG. We simply can't. I, quite honestly, expect a 1-1 match.
  20. I understand your perspective. You and I want the same outcome. A better, tougher, more technical Canada. We just disagree on how the youngest kids should be guided in developing those skills. If I lived abroad I'd probably agree with your perspective. But, I don't. I live here. And I see how detrimental our "win first, teach second" mentality has been - and I see that people still do that now as soon as a trophy is available, ignoring educating the players along the way.
  21. I understand that. Canada (and USA) are no other countries but our own - we do not have a soccer culture. We have hockey dads coaching our top youth teams.... You state what your experience has been. I don't deny it, or disagree with it. My experience here is that people will completely ignore development and play to win. Even right now in the current top tier of youth soccer in BC we have coaches telling players to leave their boots at home for an entire week because they are doing fitness as some sort of punishment. Please stop thinking Canada can do what other nations can do. We can't.
  22. Frankly, we need to beat FG, and score against our other opponents from open play at least once. That's success. It's sad, but true.
  23. and here is exactly where you and I are on the same page.
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