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ATTN: New order form coming for Canada vs Peru game


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So I got the new version of the form and saw the "Handling Fee (Per Order of 10 Tickets)" part - this doesn't mean we have to order 10 at a minimum right - any amounts still okay?

You always had to buy 10, we managed to get it down from 20.

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ok hopefully im able to get me tickets! trying to recruit a younger generation of voyageurs!

You should be fine.

Try Kinkos... or something like that.

They might have a steam powered one.

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looking for that new forum please so I can get my order in ASAP.

You can now purchase less than 10 tickets directly.

Please make EVERY effort to use the group purchase form and borg as many humans as you can for the cause. If you need a group order form send me a PM.

Tickets will be mailed to the address provided by Pay Pal payment confirmation

You can select south end, or north 127.

You can not select your seats, they will most likely be in 114

If you want to purchase smaller quantities send me a PM.

If you are not an active user of this board you will not get a response.

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