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  1. Couldn’t find a thread for him. From Winnnipeg. Drafted by Seattle Sounders.
  2. Former FC Edmonton GK Tyson Farago is expected to sign with St Patrick's Athletic FC in Ireland in the coming days.
  3. Moses Danto has signed with Arizona United SC of the USL. Has spent his whole career with WSA Winnipeg until that point.
  4. Marc Bircham I believe had a piece in this. Funny enough his Winnipeg born grandfather is how he played for the us. Danto is expected to sign with Sporting KC after impressing on a summer trial but wouldn't surprise me if he signed with Arizona. He's supposed to be going back to KC this month. Should note Ohin is not Canadian, but very talented
  5. Like when WSA Winnipeg actually wanted to join the USL but wasn't allowed to.
  6. It's actually a blog post by Eduardo Badescu, A UEFA Pro licenced coach who owns and runs the World Soccer Academy in Winnipeg (WSA Winnipeg). The fact he wrote this is probably evidence they have no connection with anyone looking to launch the CPL in that city, if that ever becomes a thing.
  7. One thing I was wondering was if he is all of a sudden trying to get noticed??? Having his bio on social media say he is Canadian and now a maple leaf on the gloves. Maybe he knows he is off the Swiss radar but wants to play international football. Also found some pictures of him in Toronto back in May.
  8. Anyone have more info on this guy? Goalkeeper with the number 1 shirt for Shrewsbury Town. Listed on transfermarkt as Swiss/Canadian and appears to confirm that on his Instagram account. Played through the Swiss Youth teams but would now be able to switch if approached...
  9. Signed with Heidelberg United FC of the Victorian Premier League: https://www.facebook.com/hufc58/photos/pb.157991284254013.-2207520000.1421721448./776661609053641/?type=1&theater
  10. His roommate is Luca Gasporatto, from what I am hearing is Luca may be part of the reason for this possibility.
  11. They've heard about a voyageur named Robert
  12. Yesterday we put liquid paper on a bee. It died.
  13. Luca is well adjusted and living with a fellow Canadian with the club. He's closely following the World Cup qualifiers as well and hopes to get a chance to be called some day. As for Rangers he is looking at a reserve spot so far but depending on who is signed in the summer that may not happen. a 6'3 centre back who isn't even 20 yet is someone we need to keep an eye on as our current defenders aren't getting any younger
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