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  1. I'll be there as long as the match is on. You calling ahead?
  2. Sure cap tie every one but it'll prolly be another match for mostly local players since the foreign leagues will just be kicking off.
  3. Sorry. "All along" since they agreed to groundshare. That's always been the problem. Not since '07. If they could've got away with the first fake pitch they would've. It was glorious to see what they invested in recently but as soon as the groundshare was announced there was no way the poor grass could deal with both sports for long. They did exceptionally well that first year and I applauded them for it but it would be a struggle to maintain or recover if the team is always so successful and impossible to repair by the time for gridiron comes. Poor treehouse.
  4. I'd welcome hybrid if it meant no groundshare but I'm pretty sure this recent media is to prep the transition and get people onside for what they intended all along. To prove natural grass couldn't be maintained for footy by the time gridiron starts again and even more damage makes it impossible. If only there were places for a CFL team to play in Toronto on a fake pitch. Good luck
  5. Sigh. I think gridiron has a different impact on natural grass than footy.
  6. He doesn't have to. I think it's pretty obvious he'd like to.
  7. Still think he brings something to the club side but his career won't be fully realized until he captains a team. I don't see him doing that in Toronto. I'll enjoy him while he's here and hope he keeps improving for the National side.
  8. Great to see this outing from Morgan but I'm not sure he's locked his starting spot just yet but I hope to see him more.
  9. That was such a fun match to watch. So happy to see Tos boss it. Hope to see Super Sub in plenty of club matches so he'll be ready to maximize his goal chances in the League of Nations.
  10. I think that would work if we played the US every time. But we can't. And as much as I wish there were 20k interested in Friendlies no matter the time in the cyle... I think we should play every opportunity but if the compromise was to make it cheaper I think we should try as hard as possible to find a way at home (or at least the opponents).
  11. I'd accept a smaller city adopting the team for friendlies and do my best to help sell out a small stadium. Still they would have to maintain conditions all year.
  12. I thought FIFA stopped the regional merry-go-round they were trying out. And that "forbidden" language is strange. Wasn't it just a case of unlikelyhood FIFA would double up any regions hosting? Do you have a link? I'd be curious to read about it.. thanks
  13. Oso looked to be a leader out there v NZ. Nice to see.
  14. Here's a thought: A lot of the participation here is paid babysitting. I would hazard there or more unregistered participants down there. It's just the difference between the two countries use of sports and $$$ towards it. I think its the root of our Countries development problem but at the heart of it I'm agreeing with you. We throw a lot of money at the game that isn't true development at the early levels. But it is slowly getting better.
  15. Tos scored the same amount in 9 less matches. Hope to see him at Mitchells goal count by then.
  16. That blows your mind? Fun timing of this post when a Canadian team is competing so well with Mexican teams. The respect for this game grows every year in this country at club level. It will keep growing but its always going to be a bigger sports landscape here than Mexico. I loved recently visiting Monterrey and watching nothing but futbol in public.
  17. Can't believe they wouldn't play more games before September. It's just a great chance to cap players and see some more of what we just saw and heard from Herdmans vision.
  18. Damn I missed watching Canada. I can't wait till next time. September is a long time from now.
  19. Interesting timing on the articles coming out. Still a year of the bid process left. I don't see this bid improving over the summer. I doubt the viewing numbers down south for Russia will be impressive to FIFA.
  20. That math is great if one hasn't seen the difference between teams rated at the top or closer to bottom of the FIFA standings.
  21. Old boys appreciate money. The Women made them money. So optimism from the most cynical way to view it? Hope so. Either team going months without a coach is shambolic.
  22. Oz didn't get enough time. Glad for Herdman. Good timing for the Womens side. Let's hope for friendlies to prove everybody right or wrong or in between.
  23. Scallywags in Toronto as per usual? Let me know if there's a venue change.
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