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Sutton: Conspiracy Theories...


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Guest speedmonk42

Conspiracy wise it may not be as simple as dollars in Gold Cup.

I think it may also be a bit broader and subtle.

There is who are, and who we might become.

Who we are.

Referees make snap decisions. We are not supposed to win, ever, if any conversations with soccer people is any indication. This 'prejudice' exists deeply in the soccer community.

If you look at things like implicit association tests, and how they are greatly unconsciously affected by simply putting pictures of famous positive black role models in the hallway leading to the room where you take the test.... the same thing must happen to referees based on those ingrained prejudices we see in every corner of the soccer community and society.

So the statement 'earning the right' to get the calls is probably very very accurate, but it is for the large part unconscious. The same way IATs are influenced by your surroundings.

Who we will become.

This is probably more conscious. Jam, Hon, Gaut, El, Pan, Trin ect... have to know their days are numbered if we truly get our crap together up here. The federation will largely become a three horse race. They all know it and so does a referee from El Salvador.

So it is a bit contradictory in a sense but I think there are two competing ideas but they both work against us. One that we are crap because of who we are, the other conscious one being that we are not so crappy and under performing and could very well leap far ahead where we currently are in fairly short order.

One is a cultural soccer thing. The other a more knowledgeable technical soccer thing.

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Just been reading “Foul! The Secret World of FIFA: Bribes, Vote Rigging and Ticket Scandals” by Andrew Jennings.

Coincidence or was I just preparing myself for another Gold Cup.

FIFA is a joke through and through and CONCACAF (whatever happened to the 'Football Confederation'?) is an inside joke of that joke. Picture the Canadian parliment where Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal all receive one MP, and East Gwillimbury, Erskine, Kinistino and Frenchman's Cove all have one MP as well and equal representation.

Would it make sense to anyone besides Sepp and his criminal cronies?

When will soccer go the same route as pro wrestling and just admit it's all fixed?

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I like Patrice Bernier's entry even better.


No conspiracy theories, really, but does mention that a Caribbean ref would be a fairer choice to interpose between the North American and Latin styles. And, of course, explains that the call was crap.

Further along, you read that one of his teammates at FC Nordsjaelland was struck by lightning and is in critical condition. Scary stuff.

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Most poginant paragraph from Bernier, in my opinion, roughly translates to:

"The Canadian team proved that it now plays at a quality to match its ambitions. To improve in the future we will have to be more effective with our finishing to take more commanding leads, play more matches together to improve team chemistry, include the youth prospects and institue Stephen Hart as the full-time manager."

I would agree with all of those points.

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So, from his comments it sounds like there truly is a growing and established confidence among our boys that they can succeed and will be striving to succeed. If Hart does get named full-time manager (why on earth would he not unless he declines), that piece of the puzzle will be there. With those two established, it comes down to the youth system being redesigned. Perhaps we aren't as far away from a US-like breakthrough than we all think.

I have to agree with Sutton's original theory in that I believe the refs are going on their own conspiracy rather than one imposed on them. If they 'do well' during these competitions, they will get chosen to represent the confederation at the World Cup. It is the end goal for any international ref, so why not fak over the already beaten horse that is Canada? We don't complain, and even if we did the complaints would land us with flak rather than Mr. Aguilar. How do you combat a disfunctional system when you must obey it?

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