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Fan590 to do 1 hour of CSA Talk today 1-2pm


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Doug Farraway of Toronto's FAN590 all sports station will be doing 1 full hour of CSA Talk this afternoon (wednesday) from 1-2 pm.

This will include a call in session (assuming people want to call in).

If you are outside the GTA, you can listen online at Fan590.com.

Go to their website to get their phone numbers. I think the local # is 416_870_0590

Can someone post this info on RPB and U Sector message boards. I'm posting from my blackberry

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They also talked a fair bit about looking at the Australian model (of restructuring and funding the association), since they were in a very similar (divided/messed-up) situation way back.

Jason deVos pointed out though, that Australia has a much stronger culture/drive to support sports associations (in general) than we do, so that would make things more challenging for any CSA restructuring hope.

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