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Price tickets history Toronto


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quote:Originally posted by orletafc

Does anyone remember...or perhaps has some brochure of the ticket prices for Toronto Lynx/Toronto FC in the:



TorontoFC (that one I have)

I was just curious what kind of a price jump can Caps and Impact fans expect once MLS come knocking closer......

In the first year of MLS the price per ticket for me was cheaper for MLS as opposed to USL. Do bare in mind that I bought season tix for 150$ plus 50$ for seat licence. This came out to an average of 10$ per ticket. each time I went to a USL game, I paid 15$ at centenial to get in.

The individual price per ticket ( if you are not a season ticket holder) for TFC was about 15$. This prices went up this past years and are even higher for next year. I believe that I paid 295$ for 2009.

I found that there is little to no difference between a USL ticket and an MLS ticket pricewise.

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Guest Jeffery S.

If the MLS insists on such low minimums for its stadiums, the only solution for a successful franchise is to jack up prices. Sooner or later.

Just remember on a strictly business level, if you want to increase revenue by 20% at a team that sells out, all you need to do is raise prices by that amount. It is a lot cheaper than expanding your BMO or equivalent by 4000 seats.

Now if they really had an idea that they wanted to have a strong fan base at reasonable prices, they'd build 25-30000 capacity stadiums that would be half to 2/3 full and have a section of really economic seats. But MLS does not want that, which is why a successful MLS franchise should mean paying a lot more than what you are paying now.

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