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Let's Kick Some Mexican A$$!!!!!!


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Leaving today for the great white north. I hope all the mexicans are dressed in turtlenecks and have the furry gloves on. Time to save some face for the Canadian boys. Let's beat the highest ranked team in the group of death - just for fun.

I'm bringing my lucky flag - (never has seen a loss). I predict at min. a tie, and a probable victory.

2 - 1 Canada

Allez les Rouges!!!!

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The Mexicans had a tough time dealing with a physical Jamaican team in 30C weather, wait til they're fighting for headers tonight in 1C weather!

BTW, Bet365 is paying out 6.00 for a Canadian win and 1.57 for a Mexican win.

edit: Just checked the weather, currently -1C at 9am MT. Daytime High is projected at 9C and going down to 2C for the evening (probably what we can anticipate for kick-off) with a wind chill of -2C thanks to a 15km/h wind from the south.


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