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Dichio on The Footy Show

James Sharman

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Just a heads up lads and lasses, we have Danny Dichio as our guest analyst on The Footy Show this Sunday, at 10:30am et. Danny will join Kristian, Joe, and I as we set up Wigan vs Man City. He will also join us at half-time.

Let us know what questions you'd like me to ask Danny in the 90 Seconds rapid fire seg. Post your questions at The Footy Blog, on www.thescore.com

Thanks all,


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quote:Originally posted by dsqpr

My question is "Why do TFC not have a designated player?"

From what I can tell, they are getting 20,000 fans per match at an average of around $50 per ticket. That is $1,000,000 revenue per match in ticket sales alone, or 15M per season. Isn't the salary cap around $2.5M US, so let's say $3M CDN? So far as I can tell the owners are just fleecing the TFC fans. How can they possibly justify failing to bring in a designated player for so long when TFC are just crying out for a goalscorer?

Because the way you make money as a sports franchise isn't limited to what's behind the gate.

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