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  1. Pot A I would like to see USA, but just hoping to avoid Mexico Pot C Just please avoid Martinique, I want to win FIFA points ... Definitely prefer Bermuda the most for pot C
  2. Looking at who did make the roster, I am sure one of De Jong or Awuah should crack the squad at left back. Bekker and Haber are good players, but we're too deep in those positions clearly. Hopefully the CPL develops one or two defenders (Skylar Thomas / Luca Gasparotto with the outside chances)
  3. yes, i knew i was forgetting st Claire! Hopefully him and Montgomery make some appearances
  4. mls defenders now..... Still need a couple more GK - Crepeau RB - ZBG CB - Henry Cornelius Miller Jakovic LB - Levis Morgan
  5. Lol don't worry I knew your were joking, hopefully it is before that date. I could have sworn I saw an announcement or someone said something that it would be yesterday. This is getting ridiculous!! I want to mark dates in my calendar, don't they know we have to plan our summer's accordingly?
  6. Has the schedule or competition format been released yet? I thought it was supposed to be yesterday?
  7. how many teams qualify for the 2020 Champions LEAGUE.. and how are those spots determined? by the sounds of it 4 Mexico 4 USA 1 Canada 6 Concacaf League and 1 Carribean Cup?
  8. Now that is a signing that excites me! A good young player, who is just under the level of an MLS starter, these are the types of players we need in CPL... Others that come to mind... Jay Chapman, Richie Laryea, Tesho Akindele, Michael Petrasso etc.
  9. Manny Aparcio to York is official https://york9fc.canpl.ca/article/york9-fc-signs-midfielder-manuel-aparicio
  10. I know what you mean but I am drawing a line... If they stretch just a little more and agree they can take on an extra million per year in expenses, then put that million towards player salary and the quality of the league will go up significantly. Not to mention you might get that back in revenue due to higher attendance etc.
  11. What I can never wrap my head around is them cheaping out on player quality (or quantity). Which is what it seems like they are doing. For example, let's say expenses are $6,000,000 including a cap of $1,000,000. Why not have you expenses be $7,000,000 and have a cap of $2,000,000? Your expenses increase 16.7%, but player quality will double..... Such a small increase in total expenses would really increase the quality of the league, it is just mind boggling they aren't thinking this
  12. that's what i said on the last page....... and what probably 99% of people agree with
  13. Could have and should have easily been the 7 cpl teams with Ottawa and the two Div. 3 teams playing to get 5 winners joining the 3 MLS teams... This is too complicated, some CPL teams will need 10 games to win the Championship!
  14. when i saw a reply on this thread i instantly knew it was a goal..... because Jonathan David is THE MAN
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