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www.canucks-abroad.com - NOW LAUNCHED!


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Well, as a few of you will know, I've been slowly putting together the pieces of this site for about 4-5 months now.

I'm hoping to launch on 1st March with a site that will be a combination of our MOACA list meets Yanks-Abroad (I know, I didn't exactly push the creative envelope on the name(!), but it makes sense). I think the interest is there in Canadian soccer and the national team players, as well as those coming up the ranks to make this a worthy venture.

So, with a few people already on board to help me write and cover the various players and leagues I'm looking for a few good men or women to step up and contribute.

I've split the players into the following territories...

Teritory 1 (Germany)

Territory 2 (England)

Territory 3 (MLS, USL, NCAA)

Territory 4 (Netherlands, Belgium)

Teritory 5 (France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal)

Territory 6 (Denmark, Norway, Sweden)

Territory 7 (Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, China, Vietnam)

Territory 8 (Scotland, Ireland, N. Ireland, Wales)

Territory 9 (Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Czech Republic)

I don't see a problem with having more than one person per territory, but we can talk about that if needed.

I'd suggest that a knowledge of the league and players you would cover would be recommended, as would an ability to read the local press (language). It's not essential, but kind of makes sense. Some areas will be harder than others to get information naturally. I'd also welcome people to step outside of their territories to cross-over and do opinion/editorial pieces and the like. Many hands man light work, as they say, and the hope is we can get a good knowledgeable and qualified contributing base on board.

So, if you're looking for some writing experience - and this will all be for fun, for now at least - and potentially a press-pass or the like then I'd like to hear from you. If you've written before I'd welcome a sample piece, just so I can get an idea of your style. Just shoot me an email via my profile. We're coordinating everything through Facebook for the time being, so if you don't have an account you'll need one. Just as an FYI.

I'll be looking to forge a strong partnership with the Voyageurs - I think it only makes sense, and we're both pulling for the same side.



Here's the preliminary logo. It's rough, but will suffice for now...yeah Jarrek - I'm looking at you!! :) (I know, You're a busy man).


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You are free to poach from my Canucks in Germany posts if you like, just give acknowledgement please. However, I have no desire to add another site where I post any info I gather on Canucks in Germany.

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It's still bare bones for now...but we're here and ready for business...so to speak.

We've kicked it off with an interview with JDG...but there will be so much more to come over the next week or two.

Match previews, reviews, interviews, editorial pieces, polls, video, and even a Julian de Guzman blog!

Check it out now...


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Thanks guys...there will be a slew of content going up over the next few days as we get the site up and running. Your support, and frequent visits - as well as spreading the word - would be very much appreciated!!

If you have any ideas for stories, players to be interviewed or the like, please email them to me at al@canucks-abroad.com

We've got several writers covering different regions so we're looking to have a really comprehensive caseload on each player.


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I wanted to bump this to tell you of recent additions to the site - we're putting stuff up daily so please keep coming by (I found a link on the RPB site earleir that was my interview on JDG's personal website....but you can also see the original at www.canucks-abroad.com :D )

Recent Articles:

U23 Coach Dasovic interview. U23 camp preview. U23 vs Mexico round up.

MArcus Haber interview. JDG interview. And introductions to two of the territories my writers will be covering...Germany and BeNeLux.

There's also a poll up - how far with the U23's get, so please come by and come often!!

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