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  1. Thought people here would be interested in this footage. This was on the Guardian website in the "Classic Youtube" section... http://youtu.be/KeRu6lFjDaM Have anyone of you history buffs ever seen this before? Don't know who digitized it or who holds the original. One of the comments gives more details: Just for the record, the final score was 4-3 to Rangers (2 goals each from Jimmy Fleming and Alan Morton). Match played in Toronto on May 21 1930. This was the first match of a 14-game tour of North America. Rangers won every match, scoring 68 goals and conceding just 20
  2. I just want to vent my frustrations at the MLSsoccer.com highlights package for this match. http://www.mlssoccer.com/videos?catid=1822&id=17689 If you only watched these highlights you would be under the impression that the Caps shouldn't even be in the same league. Every single chance by LA is shown in the first half and not even one for Vancouver. In fact the first 60 minutes of this game was almost all Whitecaps. They created plenty of chances and looked in control. Yes, they fell apart completely after Donovan's first goal, but up until that point you could easily have seen
  3. I don't know about the politics (of course I've read that Miro guy's rants, but it's hard to take that seriously) but I would find it odd that any coach at that level wouldn't simply be selecting the players that they actually believed were the best for the program. It just doesn't make any sense for a coach to continue in the role if player selection was a political game. Why take the blame for failure when you didn't even pick the team? It would be very interesting to sit down with Fleming and the other members of his coaching staff and hear an honest discussion of what they learned fr
  4. Well it will be interesting to see which of these players continue to develop and progress to the next level (U19s). I think we'll continue to see Aleman, Alderson and I know we didn't see much of Chapman but I liked his approach to the attack. He might have had more of an impact if that wasn't his first minutes of the tournament. I think Fleming my have favoured more physical players over skill, especially up front and that may have been the reason they didn't create enough scoring chances in a game they had to win.
  5. Chapman is proving that he should have been on the pitch from the beginning. Great little flick on there into the lane for Essa. Plays a more withdrawn role which has actually allowed Aleman to get ahead into shooting positions a couple of times.
  6. Fine to throw on the third sub but I thought Alderson was one of our best players today. He was very safe on the ball, usually found his man with the pass and provided a platform for Aleman to go forward. I hope Carmago has his shooting boots on... which is about the only thing missing from Alderson's contribution.
  7. What's happening to Roberts? That's two misjudged crosses in a row. I hope he can compose himself again soon.
  8. Right there is one of the problems with this Canadian attack. The ball was played into the forward in the centre of the pitch and the Rwandan centreback was 10 yards behind. Instead of turning and taking him on 1v1 right at the top of the penalty area our forward just plays back out to the midfielder, completely unaware of the chance. Very frustrating to see that.
  9. Our forwards haven't had the first touch to control and hold up the ball in the final third. I don't think I've seen a Canadian forward attempt to dribble at a defender 1v1 in either this game or the England game (didn't get to see the Uruguay match). Rwanda are also targeting Aleman. He's going down and complaining but he is seemingly Canada's only real attacking threat. I don't know the players at all (except for the one's I've seen on the field), does anyone know if any of the subs have something different they can offer to change the game? A strong dribbler that might drag some of the Rwan
  10. Jalali is having another shocker so far. He can't be our best centre-forward can he?
  11. Try this list of sources... http://www.myp2p.eu/broadcast.php?matchid=120569∂=sports
  12. Jalali is back to his first half self. I think Fleming should look to sub him and present something new to the English defenders.
  13. Great composure to finish from Jalali. Let hope that gives Canada the confidence they need to up their game from here on out.
  14. Here's a youtube video of the Sky Sports highlights. First two goals were excellent finishes. The third was more being in the right place at the right time. I also completely agree that Hart should be playing Jackson up front. I'm not sure the "little and large" combo is necessary in Concacaf though. It's not like some of those sides are known for their towering centre backs. Hume has also been in form of late. I wonder if Hume and Jackson would make a good pairing?
  15. Whoops! My bad. My eyes just skipped right over it... I wonder how he would know this? I'm surprised that the CSA has actually thought this far ahead in terms of organizing next year's competition. I guess they haven't made an announcement because they have to wait for the MLS and NASL schedules to be released first.
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