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US v Canada Jan 22/06


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quote:Originally posted by Derosario23

So who will be going to USA in your opinion at leats the bare min Mcken Dero Friend Hume Poz Braz Gerv Hutch etc, I mean if we go I would like us to score a goal at least im tired of losing I want a tie or a win.Plus sportsnet better cover that game!

pozinak? oh say it ain't so!

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quote:Originally posted by Jeffrey S.

Seriously though, I feel there is no point in games like this. We do not need to just play to look at players, play to hang out, play to give someone else a run. It will be really hard to get a decent squad on a date that is not FIFA (only March 1 is official until the World Cup, in fact, though FIFA decress all club and regional competitions must end by May 14), but there is no way we can properly compete.

And this is what Canada needs now: compete to win. We need to start thinking about results, about a result oriented mentality, and less about developing, scouting, exploring possibilities, basically screwing around. I would much prefer staying with the European option and stay open to qualified teams looking for "action" in the lead up.

true enough. Up to this point Yallop has only been screwing around, looking at players, not making decisions. Hopefully with these upcoming games, we will start to see the player pool shaved down, with the teams fielded being more and more similar until we have our WCQ team set, hopefully in time for the 2007 Gold Cup. Thats what i would want anyway. Yea im sick of losing too, but still i wouldnt mind a team made up of Friend, Ademolu, Johnson, Canizalez, Ledgerwood, Dodds, DeJong, Placentino, Edgar, Gyaki, Reda, Nsaliwa, Hastings etc. These are good players whose value to the team we are still unsure of. Better to strike them off the list of possibilities now, than wonder what they might have done if given a chance- or to try them unproven in WCQ. Of course, these 'question mark' players may not be available, or Yallop may just not call anyone useful. we'll see.

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The CSA release with a reference by Yallop to seeing some Canadian players who have not played for Canada "in a while".....

Men's World Cup Team

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Canada-USA to Kickoff 2006

Canada and USA to tangle in San Diego

Ottawa, Ontario – The Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) and the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) have agreed to a friendly between Canada’s Men’s National Team and the US Men’s National Team.

The match will take place on January 22, 2006 at Torero Stadium on the campus of the University of San Diego. Kickoff has been set for 5:00pm PT.

Tickets ranging in price levels from $25 to $90 go on sale starting Tuesday, December 6, at 10 a.m. PT on-line at ussoccer.com, at the University of San Diego’s Jenny Craig Pavilion Box Office (Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.), and by phone at 619-260-7550 (Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Groups of 15 or more can purchase tickets through the University of San Diego by calling 619-260-7550.

“Anytime you play the US you are guaranteed a difficult game,” said Canadian Head Coach Frank Yallop. “I thought when we played them in the summer (Gold Cup 2005) we did quite well at times and this match will provide us with another opportunity, like the friendlies against Spain and Luxembourg, to see how our squad has been progressing since then.”

Yallop’s men will likely begin camp in early January to prepare for the match. A location for the training camp has yet to be determined.

It is also likely that Yallop will involve many of his North American-based players as well as those players that play in leagues with a winter-break.

“Because of the time of year, the majority of our guys will either be in pre-season or on a winter break, so it will be important for us to get together early. But in the end, this is yet another chance for us to have a look at some of the guys who haven’t featured for Canada in awhile.”

The match on January 22 will mark the 28th time Canada and the United States have met. The overall record currently stands at 8 wins, 11 losses, and 8 draws but recent history has favoured the Americans. Canada has not defeated the US since their friendly on May 6, 1990 in Burnaby, BC when Canada won 1-0. A week later, the Canadians also defeated Mexico 2-1.

The last encounter between the two was in July 2005 when the two sides met in that year’s CONCACAF Gold Cup. The US defeated Canada 2-0 on that day en route to their third Continental championship.

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quote:Originally posted by Gian-Luca

Would it be quicker for Jazic to fly east or west from Russian if he was called?

It would probably be about equal to fly either direction direct from Krasnodar but no major airline flies east to North America from Russia. To fly east he would probably have to fly first to a major Asian city and connect there. It would probably be far easier and result in better connections to fly to a European city first and fly west. Aeroflot flies direct from Moscow to LA, a 13 hour flight.

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