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Whitecaps' and Impact's take on MLS to Toronto


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quote:Originally posted by Udinese

Pilt are people on here not alowed to respond to others post.

By the way, it will be 2 years before you get to know if a Stadium is built in VCR. Go away till then.

Udinese, I enjoy some of your posts but don't bash Vancouver man, it ain't cool. There are some decent posters from there.

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Sorry to interrupt the purse swinging but I can't help but ask..

As opposed to what? People for whom wankin' in the dark is just enough?

Did I read that right? Some poor smuck spilling some milk all alone without outside stimulation is less sad than a fellow who's willing to share his best gay internet porn?

I mean when you see a realy great movie or have a nice dinner at a resteraunt (spelling sucks I know) you tell your friends about it no? So they might also enjoy the experience? So if J-Monster's getting the creme de la creme of Udinese/PeterSoccer's porn isn't that the same thing?

Perhaps it's realy a reward. A recognition of your insightful comments, charming whittisms, and over all football knowledge by a (for want of a better word) peer. A be-grudging tip of the hat to a worthy adversary.

Or,,, he's just a sad, little man-like thingy with too much time on his hands.


Either way, I'm writting both of you the usualy prescription for a dozen Moosehead. Take three an hour, every hour, or until gravity completely takes over. Repeat each day as often as necessary.


Dr. "Always glad to bring a crashing thread further down a notch' Cheeta

Please feel free to carry on.

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quote:Originally posted by Johnnie Monster

Correct me if I'm wrong, but does Udinese = PeterSoccer = Black & White?

All three like to send me nasty e-mails through soccer board messaging services... and all three make the same spelling mistakes over and over again.

Sad. I guess sometimes wankin' in the dark just ain't enough for some people.

Correct me if I am wrong. For all of the garbage you posted. Here is to you. Toronto Stadium approved. Vancouver stadium 2 years away from being approved. Enough said bitter man.

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Bitter? Hardly! Dude, look at the gem we're getting, and the concrete toilet you're getting!

A few more facts Mr. Porn-Mail conveniently ignores:

1. Toronto had a three year head start - and Vancouver still made their announcement first.

2. Vancouver could actually receive an expedited approval in six months (assuming city council was willing to pi$$ off a lot of granola smoking lefties and grubby anti-poverty activists)

3. The latest CSA renderings are downright horrid. Congrats to Toronto, but I hope there's more thought put into the design in the months ahead.

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