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April 29 U17 Friendly - Guatemala vs Canada [R]

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Men's Junior (U-17) Team

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Canada Defeats Guatemala 2-1

Ottawa, Ontario – Canada’s Junior (U17) Team won their second match 2-1 against Guatemala yesterday in Guatemala despite ending the game with only nine men. Canada previously blanked Guatemala 2-0 on Wednesday.

Rudolf Maynard scored in the 25th minute when he capitalized on a set up by Shane Lammie. Guatemala evened the score in the 34th minute.

Canada would play the remainder of the game down two men when Harman Braich and Maynard were sent off in the 58th and 75th minutes respectively.

Gavin Russell was sent on for Lammie in the 85th minute. Russell would score in the 88th minute after Joseph Awuakye made a splendid run down the wing and set up Russell with virtually his second touch of the ball.

“Overall we played very well even when down a man, we kept possession and tried to keep them chasing the ball,” said head coach Stephen Hart. “This was an excellent test for us. We encountered everything one would or should expect playing away from home”

“The players need to be congratulated for their belief in each other and how they fought the game, and continued to play for the victory after being short.”

Canada is preparing for group B final round CONCACAF Under-17 qualifying where they will compete against Haiti, Honduras, and host Mexico for a place in the 2005 FIFA U-17 World Championship in Peru from September 15 – October 2, 2005.

April 29, 2005 – International friendly

Estadio Cementos Progreso - Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala

Canada 2(1)

Guatemala 1(1)

Goals: Canada - Mayard (25), Russell (88); Guatemala: (34)

Red: Canada: Braich (58), Mayard (75)

Canada: 1-BORELLA, Lorenzo; 4-AWUAKYE, Joseph; 5-BRAICH, Harman; 6-OLIVEIRA, Kyle; 8-BOURGAULT, Jonathan Beaulieu; 9-MAYARD, (Pierre) Rudolph; 10-LAMMIE, Selvin (17-RUSSELL, Gavin, 85); 11-GRAY, AJ (3-PANIZZON, Mario, 70); 12-JARAMILLO, Josue; 15-KENNEDY, Rory (13-MARRELLO, Alex, 56); 16-AYRE, Keegan; Head Coach Stephen Hart.

Subs not used: 22-GILL, Jaswinder; 2-LANG, Adam; 7-RIDLEY, Curtis; 14-BACHAR, Danny


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Congratulations to Hart and the boys. Two players sent-off while playing in Guatemala and no locals. Why doesn't it surprise me. It must have been rough for Hart to say: “This was an excellent test for us. We encountered everything one would or should expect playing away from home”

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Some things never change.

First game in Guat: 2 Cdn goals disallowed, a penalty (probably a dodgy one) awarded to the Guats.

Second game: Two Canucks sent off.

Nothing surprises me in Central America anymore. Props to our boys for winning both games despite the BS. Good on Hart to remain diplomatic in his comments. Would be interesting to hear the REAL story of what went on down there tho.

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A great camp all things considered. Canadian national teams have done exceptionally well in Central America this year and thats with all the usual tricks being pulled.

It shows that mabey central america is no longer as intimidating to our boys, especially the younger ones.

On the other hand, Concacaf has got to start cleaning up its refereeing soon or we're never going anywhere.

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