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  1. I'm actually ok with no CanPl guys on this roster for 2019. The league is in its first season and really all clubs need their best players to gel and get going. The 2021 GC is different. By that time, alot of Canadian talent will have distinguished themselves and truly earned a call up. Perhaps we will see our first call ups for the Nations League. Let the lads develop for now. Its going to be bloody phenominal to watch canadians come through the CPL as the years add up. We have always waited for this....
  2. Is there any chance the match will be posted to youtube or a similar site to watch later?
  3. Im not watching the game live but have been around long enough to know, with the descriptions in this thread, that this is a team in need of more friendlies. Even with good players there is so much to work on. Same old CSA approach to the Fifa calender.
  4. Hey everyone. Stuck at work with no streams working on my phone. Im doing this the old fashion way with updates from the match thread. What minite are we in?
  5. Hey Sherm. Im in for a watch party if we have one.
  6. There was 5 of us there last night. Sparse attendance but all were in good spirits, loud and boistrous. The staff were great and the speakers on the table allowed us to hear the game over the background noise. The staff did say we would have a larger section in a better area for the next game. I encourage everyone to come out for the match against the honduran diving team. Bring friends.
  7. In all my years watching the boys play we rarely have done well with only 1 striker up top. I think playing Larin and Cavallini up top together would be a statment of attacking intent as well as one hell of a powerful front pairing. Both guys are tall, strong and skilled. They can score in the air or on the ground. So far i dont know if OZ would do it but i would like to see us alternalte between a 3-5-2 and a 4-3-3. We appear to have numerous quality midfielders right now, many of the attacking variety to pull off these type of formations.
  8. Really pleased with the results here. So far, i must say i like the idea of the integrated approach were Zambrano is involved in all the teams development and player tracking. This could be a very good idea for the whole mens program. Its early though so i cant judge Zambrano or the new model completely yet. Its just a U-23 invitational tournament, granted, but can anyone tell me when the last time was that one of our mens teams actually won something before this? Feels good.
  9. Actually, I thought it was an extremely well thought out play and executed with world class, Messi-like precision and guile, truly worthy of absolute recognition in theeeeeblahblahblahblahblah Nice call Sean, its like we have watched a Canada match or two before in our time or something... lol
  10. Hello all. Its been a while since Ive been here. The last time we played Scotland I took an afternoon nap and slept through the bloody match broadcast. This time I'm watching from work, but needed to make up for my gaf in 2002. Not a bad scoreline so far.
  11. Oh boy, here goes... For me, this was a step back kind of performance tonight. I am not accepting any excuses about this "only" being a B/C team. We were awful tonight. The defending, especially, was just atrocious. I thought the first penalty was extremely harsh but we still looked like a bunch of Sunday leaguers out there. Edgar needs a solid partner. Henry is awful and James just looks out of depth. The type of fouls that led to the penalties each of them gave away in the two games speak volumes. The team just cannot execute basics either. Learn to clear your lines for a start, pl
  12. Wow! What a pathetic and weak call by the ref. There was no heavy or intentional contact with the elbow. Diving scum!
  13. The midfield needs to push up alot more. They are too close to the D line which is allowing Marocco too much ease of possession and space to find players.
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