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Canadians Proud of Bayern Star

Guest Ed

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Here's the latest from Owen Hargreaves' personal website. Anybody else going to second "Steven from Sooke"'s nomination?????

Bayern storm to the top

Canadians proud on Owen’s performances

Last weekend FC Bayern went top of the Bundesliga after a 3-1 win over 1FC Kaiserslautern and after previous leaders Wolfsburg suffered a defeat at the hands of Hamburg. In Saturday’s tie at the Olympic Stadium Kaiserlautern took an early lead through Thomas Riedl. Goals from Claudio Pizarro on 12 and Torsten Frings on 27 minutes turned the deficit into a 2-1 halftime lead for Bayern. Paolo Guerrero scored the hosts’ third after 63 minutes. Owen played until the 73rd minute and gave a good performance in the defensive midfield.

FC Bayern now top the Bundesliga with 29 points, two points clear of Wolfsburg and Schalke, both with 27 points. On Tuesday the Munich outfit play Maccabi Tel Aviv in the Champions League. A win would almost certainly put Bayern on course for the knockout stages. In the final match against Ajax Amsterdam (8 Dec 2004) they could lose by a three-goal margin and still go through. Due to their fine run in the last couple of weeks, Owen’s team has now the chance - in the last five games of the year - to progress to the last 16 of the Champions League and also finish the year as winter champions. Bayern have already reached the quarterfinal stage of the DFB Cup.

Owen’s performances in the Bundesliga, DFB Cup and Champions League are not only noticed in Europe, but also in his home country of Canada. We regularly receive mail from North America. For example from 10-year-old Alanna, who has written that she’s playing for an U10 team in Calgary and that she’s wearing a Bayern shirt “with pride”. And she has of course asked Owen for an autograph, “so I can show it to all of my friends”.

And Steven from Sooke, Victoria, thinks that Owen is an “amazing athlete”. In his mail he said about Owen: “In a country filled with hockey superstars, you have achieved something far more significant than playing for Team Canada's National Ice Hockey Team… If I had a vote, I would nominate you for the Canadian Press' Male Athlete of the Year’ award…” Owen will be back in Canada at Christmas time. Then he’ll get a first-hand impression on how his fellow countrymen appreciate his fine performances in Europe.

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quote:Originally posted by Massive Attack

Thanks Ed, I needed a good laugh. Canadian Male Athlete of the Year, thats comedic gold.

Some other funny things I learned on the Whore's website:

He enjoys listening to Boyz II Men. Now that's funny.

Ouch!!! I thought it was bad enough that I liked Boyz II Men in the 90s.... crap music and Euro footballers seem to go hand in hand.

As for the other stuff, I think the horse that won the Queen's Plate at Woodbine would be more deserving of Canadian Athlete of the Year than Hargreaves.

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Back to the Nut-House, Steven. There's a good, lad. Now settle down or I'll have to call Nurse and she'll be bringing her med.s with her and we don't want that agin do we?

Is that Boyz II Men bit true? Couldn't be...

I don't mean the following as any sort of criticism of anyone. Just an out-loud mussing;

Can't get over the fact his parents still live and work in Canada. You'd think that after, what? Two or three decades? They'd consider this country their home, you know? And impress that on the lad. Very strange to my (admitedly somewhat odd) way of thinking.

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quote:Originally posted by beachesl

"Canadians proud on Owen’s performances"


Those quotes would have been translated from Cdn English to German and then back to English by the German-speaking webmaster which would account for the stilted language.

Some Cdns are proud of Owen's performances. I'm one of them. I don't like his decision to play for England, but I am quite proud that a kid born and raised in Calgary is playing for one of the top clubs in the world and performing extremely well.

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