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  1. This is definitely a upward move for him. Rostock is a much bigger club than Lotte, who were pretty much the smallest club in the 3. Liga. Rostock will likely be contenders for promotion next season and I'm pretty sure his wages will increase as well.
  2. Adam Straith has signed with Hansa Rostock in the German 3. Liga. His current club, Lotte, were relegated on Saturday from the 3. Liga.
  3. Kicker has Hainault out for Kaiserslautern's upcoming game this weekend with a broken nose. Eish, hope he heals quickly, he's had such a rough time with injuries the past couple of seasons.
  4. I've always liked De Jong but he was mostly a squad player in the Bundesliga. His last season and a half at Augsburg he only made a handful of appearances, mostly as a sub, though he did have some injury issues which contributed to that. His first season with them in the 1. Bundesliga he was a regular starter but that's now 5 years ago.
  5. Straith has signed a new contract with Lotte which sees him at the club for next season. Contract expires the end of June, 2019.
  6. Adam Straith has signed with Lotte in the German 3. Liga for another season (contract to the end of June 2019).
  7. When I saw "Cavanni Neymar Mbappe" I thought that maybe Cannigia Elva just had a son.
  8. Anyone know when the Norwegian season generally starts?
  9. I'm not really sure what Gladbach's immediate intentions for Larin might be (should they sign him). They're having a successful season (currently top 4 in the BL) and I'm not sure they would immediately want to move away from using Stindl and Raffael together up top. My thought is that Larin gives them a different kind of player to use up front than what they currently have and a different kind of option. I would guess that they would slowly bleed him in. Like I said, Bobadilla has been a pretty successful BL striker; he's just been injured this season. I would see him as initially above Larin
  10. Yeah, Gladbach don't really have a striker in the mould of a true center forward, like Larin. Raffael and Lars Stindl generally lead the line but they are smaller, more technical kind of attackers. Kind of like dual false 9's, if that makes any sense. Thorgan Hazard generally plays on the right side of midfield. He's been the most consistent scorer of the three, but 4 of his 6 goals in the first half of the season came from the penalty spot. He has 5 assists and when I've seen him play, he's more of a dribbler/passer/crosser/creator type of player. Raffael has 6 goals as well, but
  11. Yes, he also came up through Calgary Foothills before moving to Montreal.
  12. I really enjoyed the game. It was far more open than I expected and, though Costa Rica certainly had their chances, so did we. We have attacking players who are both athletic AND technical, and the game really suited them tonight. On paper, I think this Costa Rica side is definitely one of the top 3 and we went mano a mano with them. Friday will be another excellent test for this group against a Honduras side that is really going to be under pressure, regardless of what their result vs FG ends up being.
  13. For me, this gong show is all on CONCACAF. The fact that Malouda was eligible for the Caribbean Cup, a qualifying tournament for the Gold Cup, and now isn't eligible for the Gold Cup is the starting point of all of this. It makes no sense. Either CONCACAF enforces FIFA cap-tie rules or they don't. To allow him to play in one tournament and then not another makes no sense. It's like they're just making it up as they go along and now they're in the shit as this situation has seriously messed with the integrity of the tournament.
  14. My thoughts: The attacking mindset Canada started with was definitely noticeable and welcome. When I saw Petrasso pencilled in at RB, I thought that was a statement in and of itself. It told me that Octavio wanted to attack and that's what happened. Arfield makes a huge difference because of the kind of engine he has and his quality to boss a game like he did tonight. Cavallini, Hoilett, Davies and Arfield were as dynamic an attacking 4 for Canada as I've seen in recent memory. Lots of pace and ability to go 1v1. I'm really interested to see how they do on Tuesday. Ca
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