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Iran vs. Germany


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out of all the games in October 9, and other hten Canada vs. Honduras ofcourse, this game sticks out

How did Iran manage to get a team like Germany to play against. It will be in Tehran, 120000 tickets have already been sold in one of the largest stadiumsi n the world, Azadi. The germans have a full squaad, and arrived in the airport yesterday to be cheered by 2000 fans in the airport, socccer crawzy im tellin ya[8D]

what are your predicons was my main question?

I say Germany: 2 Iran: 1

this is because of germanys recent bad results, and because iran is a very strong side, ranekd 20th in the world, and 3rd in asian cup, and have a few players in europe, i can name Mahdavikia with Hamburg and Hashemian with Bayern Munich, and Rezaie with Messina in Italy only:D

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quote:Originally posted by SS2006

out of all the games in October 9, and other hten Canada vs. Honduras ofcourse, this game sticks out

Are you German? Cuz for most this game doesn't stick out at all compared to:

Argentina x Uruguay

Bosnia x Serbia & Montenegro

England x Wales

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Tie: 1-1. Niether Iran nor Germany have been playing like they have in the past. Niether side will play too tough, Iran has been saddled with sanctions, and German players are worried about injuries. Will be a great atmosphere, though, even without the streakers.

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Iran 1 Germany 1

The game is for charity (earthquake) and Germany was gracious enough to fly there. Surprisingly

loads of German supports among the locals, even the women who are NOT allowed to see the match

live due to Islamic fundamentals.

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i lived in germany so im cherring germany all the way, unfortnately iran is strong and deserveds to be in top 30. they beat ireland 1-0 a year back, beat Korea Republic, semifinalists of world cup 4-3 a few months back in the Asian Cup Quarterfinals, and when they play in Azadi in front of 100000 fans theyre unstoppable, usa never beat them either, home or away, so i dont nkow bout canada chances are :(

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quote:Originally posted by SS2006

usa never beat them either, home or away, so i dont nkow bout canada chances are :(

Canada beat Iran 1-0 in a LG Cup tournament in Egypt in 2001. Garret Kush's header from a Martin Nash cross was memorable. We'd be competitive, but I'm not sure about playing them now in Tehran. :(

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Klinsmann uses Iran match to test young players

By Amir Paivar

TEHRAN, Oct 8 (Reuters) - Germany's new coach Juergen Klinsmann will seek to extend his unbeaten run to three in a friendly against Iran on Saturday but a smouldering dispute between his goalkeepers has put a damper on his spirits.

Having automatically qualified for the 2006 World Cup finals as hosts, Germany's schedule until then is filled with friendlies -- giving Klinsmann ample opportunity to experiment.

After a 3-1 victory over Austria in his first match and a confidence-building 1-1 draw against Brazil last month, the former Germany striker has won widespread praise for rebuilding the side humiliated at Euro 2004 where they failed to win a game.

The test in Tehran on Saturday before a frenzied men-only crowd of 100,000 will provide another chance to look at young talent such as Chelsea defender Robert Huth, who had a superb game against Brazil.

Klinsmann may also start newcomers Thomas Hitzlsperger, 22, an Aston Villa midfielder, and defender Per Mertesacker, 20.

"This is a preparatory game for us," Klinsmann said on Friday. "With each game up to 2006 we will be gaining experience, we have a young team and I am a young coach.

"We all have a lot to learn. I will be giving the chance to younger players. I have told all experienced players that this will be my priority and hope they understand. We have a clear mission here, to get the team ready for the World Cup."

Iran will be using the match, the first time the country has hosted a major world soccer power in decades, as a tune-up for a World Cup qualifier on Wednesday against Qatar in Doha.

The match will give Klinsmann, whose team have slipped to 13th in the FIFA world rankings, answers to the question of who is his best goakeeper.

Arsenal's Jens Lehmann will get a chance between the posts, a move that has angered long-time number one Bayern Munich's Oliver Kahn and Sepp Maier, who doubles as goalkeeper coach for both Germany and Bayern Munich.

"We are fortunate to have two world class goalkeepers and I think countries like Brazil and Italy are envious," said Klinsmann, only the eighth Germany coach in its 96-year history.

"Oliver Kahn will be our number one choice all the way to the World Cup, but Lehman will play too. This is a nice problem."

Iranian women won't be able to watch the match. Iran's Football Federation on Tuesday upheld a ban on Iranian women at stadiums even though many are the Islamic country's most passionate fans. German women will be allowed to attend.

Several public sports have been out of bounds to women since the revolution and female Iranians can only play sports such as football in indoor, women-only sports halls.

"This will be the greatest event for the fans in more than 30 years," said Iran's trainer Branko Ivankovic, a Croat who once coached in Germany at Hanover 96.

Ivankovic said Iran, with four million soccer players in 6,500 registered clubs, were aiming to be the best team in Asia.

"Iran has 70 million people, including 13 million in Tehran," he said. "Football is played on every street. We have the potential to become the best team in Asia."

Probable teams:

Iran: Ebrahim Mirzapour, Hussein Kaabi, Yahya Golmohammadi, Rahman Rezaie, Ali Badavi, Mehdi Mahdavikia, Javad Nekounam, Alireza Nikbahkt, Ali Karimi, Vahid Hashemian, Khodadad Azizi

Germany: Jens Lehmann, Andreas Hinkel, Per Mertesacker, Robert Huth, Philipp Lahm, Fabian Ernst, Sebastian Deisler, Michael Ballack, Bernd Schneider, Miroslav Klose, Gerald Asamoah.

Referee: Saad Kameel Mane (Kuwait)

(Additional reporting by Erik Kirschbaum in Berlin, editing by Martyn Herman; Reuters messaging: martyn.herman.reuters.com@reuters.net))

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At least the Candain keepers seem to respect each other. I was impressed how well Pat and Lars (and Paul Dolan) worked together during the practices in Edmonton.


Ugly German goalkeeper row eclipses win against Iran

By Erik Kirschbaum

BERLIN, Oct 10 (Reuters) - Germany celebrated their 2-0 victory over Iran on an overnight flight from Tehran on Sunday but arrived home with a mean hangover because of a raging goalkeeper controversy.

A brilliant performance by Jens Lehmann backed up the Arsenal goalkeeper's statements he should replace Bayern Munich's Oliver Kahn as first choice by the 2006 World Cup.

Kahn, the hero of Germany's improbable advance to the 2002 final against Brazil, watched the Iran match on television after new coach Juergen Klinsmann gave Lehmann a chance to audition.

"It's a fortunate problem to have -- two world class goalkeepers," Klinsmann said in Germany before boarding a flight to his home in California after firing a Lehmann critic, goalkeeper coach Sepp Maier.

Abandoning predecessor Rudi Voeller's loyalty to Kahn despite some shaky performances, Klinsmann stripped Kahn of the captaincy then said Lehmann had an equal shot.

But Klinsmann's plan to let the two battle it out until making a decision shortly before the 2006 World Cup finals Germany is hosting has begun to unravel. Kahn hinted he or Lehmann would have to go, a view shared by Maier who was fired by Klinsmann on Sunday.

Maier, who has doubled as coach for Germany and Bayern since 1988, was sacked for speaking out against Lehmann before the match, two months after Klinsmann rebuked him for similar remarks.

After Lehmann said Maier was a "lobbyist" for Kahn, the retired West Germany goalkeeper had shot back that Lehmann should forget about 2006 because Kahn was the better goalkeeper.

"We registered everything that was said and made this decision in the best interest of the team," said Klinsmann on Sunday.

"The race between Kahn and Lehmann will stay open until the World Cup in 2006," he added. "Lehmann was superb. He's a world class goalie and used his chance. It's no coincidence that Arsenal has been unbeaten for so long."

Germany's ZDF television reported that Klinsmann would replace him with Andreas Koepke, a team mate from the 1996 European champions.


Fans have picked up the public squabble. A survey by Bild newspaper found 51 percent believe Kahn should be dropped while 18 percent feel Lehmann should be. Another 31 percent said there was room for both.

"The goalie theatre is gradually spinning out of control," said Franz Beckenbauer, a former coach and captain now heading Germany's 2006 organising committee.

"It started under Erich Ribbeck, continued under Voeller and is getting worse under Klinsmann. It's beginning to poison the atmosphere."

Lehmann, 34, who has 20 caps compared to 35-year-old Kahn's 74, was sensational against Iran, stopping at least two would-be goals late in the first half to preserve Germany's 1-0 lead.

"Titan Lehmann saves the victory," wrote Bild am Sonntag newspaper on its front page.

"Lehmann scores points in his bout with Kahn," wrote Bild columnist Walter M. Stratten. "He was not only flawless but held a number of unstoppable shots."

The Welt am Sonntag said Lehmann was the key on Saturday. "Germany can thank Lehmann for the sensational saves," it wrote.

"Lehmann, who said this week he was Germany's best goalkeeper, backed up that talk with his performance against Iran," added Berlin's Der Tagesspiegel daily.

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this player (Ali Karimi) killed us

he's niknamed the Wizard of Tehrna, and has footwork like C. Ronaldo. He should be in R.Madrid, Bayern or Marseille Next Year. Check it out:

VS. GERMANY: http://alikarimi8.com/videos/force-download.php?file=IranvsGermany-9Oct04-Highbandwidth.wmv

VS. ROMA: http://www.toofan.org/video/karimi.mpg

Pic: http://img25.photobucket.com/albums/v75/persiantiger/Karimirland.jpg

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quote:Originally posted by Grizzly

Germany should have insisted women be allowed to attend the match before agreeing to play. This is similar to playing a match in apartheid South Africa in which blacks were not allowed to attend.

Forget Germany, FIFA should have demanded it.


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Well, then the same would have to be done in about 20 other Middle Eastern and Asian countries as well. I have been to matches in several Arab countries in the Gulf where this is the strict rule as well. It's just that in Iran the women have expressed a desire to go.

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yeah, I actually watched this game. It was a great first half by both teams and a very uninspiring second half by both as well. In second half, they were just testing players and making subs.

As for women in Iranian stadiums, they used to attend prior to '79 revolution, but in the years after the revolution everything changed and this was one of them. They even had some women's soccer which was quite something in the '70s.

Stupid measures like that eventually fall apart, if we look at history as a guide. In case of Iran, with more women in universities than men now and with a constantly changing society, it is only a matter of time before rules like that also go away.

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