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One day to go.


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No fingernails left, and I've taken on a diet of coffee and cigarettes. Forget Atkins, just subscribe to the Wee Elf weight loss program and you'll never put on weight again. Expensive as all Hell, but you can smoke as much as you want!

If we didn't have the Little One about there wouldn't be a decent meal in this house this last week. Not that she cooks mind you, just that the Wee Elf makes sure she eats, so we eat.

What I want to know is how can she sleep like a rock after two pots of coffee and pack and a half of Players? Seriously. She's right out of a war movie I tell you. The blitz is on, London's burning and the Wee Elf's happily snorring away as the bombs level the East End. Yawwwwn! 'Morning, dear. Sun's up and it looks like it'll be a beautiful day in the neighbourhood. Half a tic. Where's the neighbourhood?

My afterwork grocery run which used to be a loaf of bread, a quart of milk and a stick of butter has been replaced by a pack of smokes, a tin of coffee, and a case of beer.

Death row must be something like this.

The waiting I mean.

The absolute relief when kickoff finaly comes, for good or bad, will be indescribable. I'll be okay then. Everything will be rolling and I'll be okay.

But enough about me, how are you guys doing?

P.S. Edit!!!

Boston Pizza it is! 1919 Bishop Grandin. North west corner of Bishop Grandin & Saint Anne's Road. Cheap draft night. 9 o'clock kickoff Winnipeg time.

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Guest Can. in UK

I feel nauseous.

I've dreamt about the game for the last three days.

Every time my girlfriend asks me why I look so concerned, I have to make up an excuse. ("We lack pace at the back... I mean... we're out of detergent")

My desk is covered in line-ups (including player's name, height, wight, club) and game plans (speed down the wings, man-mark Ruiz, etc...)

I've gone from being indifferent towards Guatemalans to despising them and everything they stand for (at least until Friday).

I've outlawed Guatemalan produce (i.e. bananas) from my flat.

I'm a mess, too.

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I feel pretty good however. I'm flying out this morning for the

game tomorrow night, and I have a very good feeling about this

despite what ideotic Malo troll would say on this board.

Have your fill today with Olympic broadcasts (didn't see any Guatemalan

medal or anything) and hope that the Malos underestimate us like

the Costa Ricans did in Boston.

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I hop on the plane to Vancouver in about 7 hours. Had a poor sleep last night as I wondered about the lineup and whether Yallop was a genius or a lunatic with his selections. Looking forward to hooking up with the Southsiders /Voyageurs tommorow night. Many Props to Vancouver Van for his work to get a section organized.

Here is to a comfortable 2+ goal vitory for Canada tonight so we can all sleep easier before Honduras :)

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Sometimes you just have to say "What the ****?" de Vos is big and slow and good in the air and as intimidating a player as there is in football... oh God... losing him will only boost the Guatemalans confidence, they must be over confident by now! We'll catch them on the counter, a la Mexico in Gold Cup 2000. Screw it, I wish it was Wednesday.

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Well you must be a new soccer fan? Cause if you haven't realized, the FIFA Rankings don't mean ANYTHING... if you're gonna post, stop posting the same CRAP over and over again...



Have you come to the conclusion that Canadas entire Mens National Team play overseas in Europe, which makes it difficult to play friendlies. Sorry our team doesn't play in semi-amateur leagues, like in Guatemala, where you guys can play second rate counrties and move up the fifa rankings. We tend to play World Class countries in friendlies, such as Ireland and Czech Republic. Thanks and stop posting useless stuff, no one likes reading it.

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quote:Originally posted by Guatemala01



OH CANADA.....shake and be nervous...no wonder you are lower than HAITI

in the FIFA Ranking

Don't usually like to feed the trolls but:

It's interesting to note that as of June, Guatemala was 87th and Haiti 88th. And as of July, Guatemala was 88th and Haiti was 91st (with Canada between them).

Maybe if Haiti had the chance of playing a weak team for WCQ (like, say, Surinam for example) instead of Jamaica, then we wouldn't be the only ones lower than Haiti.

Food for thought.

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There's no drinking allowed in the hostel and I can't find a nice quite spot around here to drink beer. Every****ingwhere I go is crammed full of crackheads. Every nice little park is overflowing with human waste. Do they migrate in for the summer or something. I had a horrendous night last night. Felt bad for the others in the dorm, cause the bed is really squeakey and I tossed and turned all night and didn't ever fall asleep I think.

I've resorted back to my rulebreaking ways and am camoflaugeing my beer in a Starbuck's Cup. No one has noticed so far. Screw those guys, I ain't hurting nobody. My blood was getting too thick, and that's bad for everybody.

Anybody in Van wanna hook up for a beer tonite? I'll check back later.

See y'all at the tailgate (2-3pm on the east side of the stad.

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wow, everybody just needs to relax. so we are missing some key players. we have to have the self-belief and confidence that our opponents in the region do. second string players can be VERY dangerous because they want to be first string players. i still feel we'll win, 2-1 perhaps. maybe i should change my player pool. nah.

just enjoy the sun, enjoy the match. give the opponents and inevitably the referee a hard time and it'll be a great day, almost regardless of the result.

we'll win. no worries.

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