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What's your favorite soccer website(s)

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What are everyone's favorite soccer sites?

I really like the BBC site for following the English leagues (excellent coverage of the lower divisions) and the FIFA site is adequate for following International soccer.

I'm hoping to find an english language site where I can follow the promotion and relegation battles in lower divisions in Europe.

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If you want to follow some of the lesser Leagues and Leagues that aren't at the top of their country I like http://www.coto.at/

As for soccer websites I like some are

http://www.ufwc.co.uk/ <---Unofficial World Championship



http://www.scotprem.com/ <---Scottish Premiership

http://www.premierleague.com <---English Premiership

http://www.thefa.com/ <---English FA, I use it to keep track of the early rounds of the FA Cup

Those are the Soccer sites I like best for real life soccer, I also play a pair of on-line Soccer Sims Hattrick and Freekick. They are available at:

http://www.hattrick.org <---Has almost 400,000 users worldwide, Canada is among the top National Teams in HT

http://www.freekick.org <---Still kind of new, not as good as Hattrick which has a really active community. No national teams, developers keep promising them though

Both those games are free to play, although they both have supporter features which allow you to set your team logo and match kits. I don't have supporter for Freekick as it's only a secondary diversion. I have supporter for Hattrick (C$32 a year) and am very happy with all the features.

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There is this site of course, nuber 1 fave rave. I tend to like fan sites quite a bit - and my current favourite is www.roversrearguard.com which is, of course, a Tranmere site. I like their discussion of their team, other temas, football in general and the various off topic items that come up. If it stays as it is, I'll be frequenting the site even if young Hume departs.

BBC is also good for British football, and I think they do a fabulous job covering the lower leagues.

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The greatest football website I had ever seen was Umbro's www.onefootball.com. Unlike every other English language website, it did not focus primarily on the UK but had regular profiles and analyisis of leagues and clubs from all over the world. Unfortunately it's no longer in service. I have yet to find a website of equal quality but for the moment I use primarily planetfootball.com and ESPN's soccernet.com.

Devioustrevor, I also participate in hattrick.org and think its great. You might also want to try Soccersim at soccertest.gafmo.dk.

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