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I have just recently started following the National Team and was wondering what everyone felt was our best starting eleven. I would probably go with the following, although as I said I am new to following the team, and am basing most of my observations on what I have seen over here in England.

GK Hirshfeld

LB Stalteri

CB de Vos

CB Rogers

RB Watson

LM Brennan

CM Bircham

RM Hutchinson

CM Hume

CF Radzinski

CF Peschislolido

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Rogers and Watson should not be anywhere near a Canadian starting XI.

That being said, not a bad lineup, otherwise...

Here's mine:

GK: Hirschfeld

LB: Jazic

CB: DeVos

CB: Hutchinson

RB: Nsaliwa

LM: Brennan

CM: De Guzman

CM: Aguiar

RM: Stalteri

F: Radzinski

F: De Rosario

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Nice lineup Rudi. The only thing I might change would be Gervais or Reda in place of Hutchinson. Although if Helsingborg start playing Hutch at the back that may change.

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I quite agree with Rudi's line-up, except that I would take advantage of a stronger offensive pool, than our defensive one, to go 3-4-3:


Nsaliwa (or McKenna) - Menezes - DeVos

Stalteri - Aguiar - DeGuzman - Brennan

Pesch - DeRosario - Radzinski

As with Rudi's line-up, that's a pretty strong midfield.

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Welcome keltic.

Just wondering, have you had a chance to see Rogers in action over there? All most of us over here have seen of him is the few brief appearances he has made for Canada (mostly as a substitute.) He hasn't really impressed in any of those appearances, which is why I think most of us wouldn't pick him for Canada's starting 11. It also doesn't give us a lot of confidence when he was trouble maintaining a starting spot with a second division side (he's been in and out of the Wycombe starting 11 for at least the past couple of years.)

Anyway, I was just wondering if you've had a chance to observe him any more than we have and if perhaps you see anything that suggests he may yet mature into a good centre-back for Canada.

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ok i normally dont do these ones but here goes:

gk - Hirschfeld

lb - Jazic

cb - Devos

cb - McKenna/hutch

rb - Stalteri

lm - Brennen

dm - hutch/aguiar

cm - de guzman

rm - Hume

st - radz

st - de rosario









If Hutch starts playing fullback with his new club then i'd start him there with us and move aguiar into the midfeild. I dont really like stalteri in the defense, but with who were have right now it's the best place for him.....otherwise i'd put him on the right of the midfield with hume making the bench as a supersub. another option would be to (if they could) move de guzman or brennen to the right side of mid and put stalteri in the middle. i think DeRo and Radz have played well 2gether in the past and they should be our #1 striking combo. I like bircham b/c of his heart but with our current midfielders, with aguiar in the fold he should only make the bench and come on as an energy playuer later in games.

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To be honest, I haven't seen Rogers play for Wycombe, but he has been getting decent grades when he has been playing (I can't remember him receiving lower than a six, and he received a few sevens). His reputation is actually much better over here than it is in Canada by the sounds of things. It's not like he's a household name, but the few that have heard of him seem to think he's all right.

I defintely think Hume should be starting based on what I've seen of him and Marc Bircham is seen by a lot of people over here as one of the best players in England playing outside the Premiership.

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I think it may be that people in England aren't as familiar with some quality Canadians playing outside the UK. Guys like Stalteri, DeGuzman, Nsaliwa (Germany), Aguiar (Portugal), Jazic (Austria), Hutchinson (Sweden), DeRosario (USA), Klukowski (Belgium), and possibly Imhoff (Switzerland) and Reda (Sweden) are all in my opinion more deserving of starting roles than Bircham, Rogers, etc. It's understandable that you would be more familiar with players in your own country, but Canada has decent player in many countries. The problem is getting them all together. :(

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quote:Originally posted by keltic

... and Marc Bircham is seen by a lot of people over here as one of the best players in England playing outside the Premiership.

You've got to be kidding? I heard he's not got a tonne of skill and does his thing because of his heart.

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Until we get to see a few of the options, it's tough to say really. I'd be in favour of this group:


RB: Nsaliwa/Bent/Bircham

CB: Reda/McKenna

CB: DeVos

LB: Jazic

RM: Stalteri

DM: Aguiar

AM: DeGuzman

LM: Brennan

FWD: Radzinski and DeRosario

Bench: whichever three of the above don't start, Klukowski, Hutchinson, Hume, Peschisolido and Onstad.

With Imhof being the 19th guy left out due to numbers. We'll never have our best 18 together anyway, so I'm sure he'll be in most of the squads.



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Nsaliwa Gervais DeVos Jazic


Stalteri DeGuzman Brennan

DeRosario Radzinski


Sutton, McKenna, Reda, Klukowski, Bircham, Bent, Imhoff, Hutchinson, Hume, Pesch

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I usually find out the grades here by checking the papers, not via the internet. I know Rogers started at RB yesterday but I haven't seen a grade yet. Brennan was an unused substitute, Bircham wasn't even on the bench for QPR, Peschisolido started for Derby and Radzinski scored a beautiful goal for Everton. I admit it is difficult to follow the players outside of England, players like Stalteri, Aguiar, Jazic (who I've not seen at all) and Hutchinson (who I get occaisional updates on from a Swede at work).

It will be interesting to see who Yallop goes with in the friendly against Wales (shame we din't have a match this week though). That will give us the best idea of who will start against Belize and in the future. I will try to post some of the player grades on the site through the rest of the season... though it may be a day or two late by the time I get around to post.

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As an aside, I've had the opportunity to watch Wycombe play twice this season.

Once against Oldham, and once against Aston Villa.

Both times Rogers was shockingly bad.

I'm sure he's a great guy, but he was out of his league, even on such a poor team.

I went to the games with an Australian mate and he had a field day making fun of the Canadian team "this ****er starts for Canada? You guys have no chance of qualifying"

I have to say based on those performances, I'd agree.

So does, it appears Adams, whom decided to loan Rogers out to a Conference side.

Rogers should be nowhere near our starting 11 and really the only reaon he'd be near the subs if because we lack much depth.

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