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  1. This is just an estimate cause the ranking points against Jamaica and Panama depends on how they do on previous games. This combo points is based current ranking points with no effect on prior games. Loss to Mexico = -6.93 pts to 1409.30, draw to Jamaica = -0.17 to 1409.13, win to panama = 11.30 to 1420.60 Loss to Mexico = -6.93 pts to 1409.30, win to Jamaica = 12.33 to 1421.63, win to panama = 11.00 to 1432.63
  2. Did the math and we would be 50th with 1428.63 points had we beaten Honduras. This includes the revised numbers against USA and El Salvador as the valuation of draw and win would be different.
  3. This is good news in long term as CONCACAF continues to improve /streamline the process. They have done it for Women's which has provided a clear view of the tournaments for next 4 years...I can imagine that CONCACAF will reveal the plan for MNT after the Qatar World Cup. IMHO, they will continue to do that as they work for U-17 and U-15. The key message is that CONCACAF is increasing more opportunities for this game to grow and help the youth to aim high.
  4. Honestly, let's just put 2020 Voyageurs to bed and declare TFC-Forge joint winners. It's already September, no room in the schedule to put this game in... Holding this final in July 2022 is and will be a joke and people will simply look at this game as money grab for all parties concerned.
  5. Cannot believe that VAR cannot / could not call the ref to review either of these calls ... If I see it in real-time then surely VAR team could too...
  6. Is this not encroachment as BEFORE the ball was kick ?
  7. Does this picture shows the ball over the goal line ?
  8. I think the bigger problem with this date is chocked full of Toronto sports schedule AT THE SAME TIME... NHL - Montreal @ Toronto (Season & Home Opener - First Time Leafs Fans back in town) MLB - Jays Potential Home for Game 5 ALCS (Best of Five Divisional Series) CANMT - Canada vs Panama Honestly, I wouldn't mind if they move the date forward or back , but i wonder the impact of other games in the same window. I think this is the dilemma that City of Toronto, Toronto Police, Paramedics etc... have to manage while following the COVID rules.
  9. For more information can be found in this webpage... https://www.concacaf.com/en/concacafw/news/concacaf-to-launch-revamped-w-championship-and-new-w-gold-cup/ Watching the video helps ya understanding the pathway to various women's tournaments. Hope it helps
  10. Ooof...this is not correct...Allow me to clarify...It's confusing and yet brilliant thinking on CONCACAF long term vision. In CONCACAF W Championship (Jun 20 to Jul 8 2022); 1. Group A and B Winners and Runner-Ups qualify directly to the WWC 2023 for total of 4 spots. 2. Group A and B 3rd place Finishers advance to the Inter-Confederation Playoffs with 8 other countries from other confederations for 3 potential spots. Theoretically, CONCACAF could have between 4 spots to 7 spots as they are 32 entries. 3. CONCACAF W Champions Qualifies directly to CONCACAF W Gold Cup AND Paris Olympics 2024 4. CONCACAF W Finalist and Bronze Medalist qualifies for CONCACAF Paris Olympics 2024 Play- off for 1 spot. So CONCACAF have 2 spots for Paris Olympics 2024 (there is only total 12 entries, don't ask me why there isn't more like men having 16 spots) The 8 spots you are referring to is the CONCACAF W Qualifiers to CONCACAF W Championship, in the qualifying round, Canada and USA gets a bye to the championship. And then 30 teams is split into 6 groups of 5 and the group winners advance to join Canada and USA in the CONCACAF W Championship. Hope this image helps clarifies to the road map for Women's side in the next 4 years.
  11. Were you by any chance at Gate 4 ? I saw the security giving a hard time to few fans over the Cdn flags and other issue I didn't know about...confused at their attitude.
  12. Actually it's cause of the massive thunderstorm we had on Tuesday night...Blame Climate Change...BMO Grounds Crew was working hard at pre-match fixing it as much as they could.
  13. Yep spot them there...Surprised that Voyageurs Supporters Group didn't kicked them out. We need to be more vocal about this ... Alert the ushers and security and demand them to show the tickets, more likely they snuck into the section rather than buying the tickets there.
  14. Yep very true...scalpers was selling tickets outside the BMO Field and was asking 300 for a pair.
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