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  1. An away day from Halifax to Victoria suddenly seems like a piece of cake.
  2. Even weirder on my computer. Believe me, there's no room for a stadium there.
  3. Speaking as an old person... What?
  4. My favourite era was the Stastny era, when I first really discovered the Nordiques. Two years ago, my wife and I went to Quebec for our anniversary. We stayed a couple of nights at a hotel in Levis. I knew who was running the place by the name, but as soon as I saw Marion Stastny sitting behind the front desk, I knew who he was immediately. He was a very friendly, humble guy, but spoke French with a Slovakian accent.
  5. If you got points for hitting the post, Pacific would be top of the table.
  6. I look at my old Nordiques sweaters everyday and cry. The atmosphere in the stands would be amazing once that rivalry gets going.
  7. What a waste, unless the sandwiches were horrible, which would never happen in St. Vincent with such a great bakery so close to the ground. My point was supposed to be more about the security (or lack thereof) when entering the stadium, but I got sidetracked.
  8. There was no security whatsoever at the last J League match I went to. Mind you, things are a little different here. There's no security around away fans, and after the game, both sets of fans end up walking to the station at the same time. Mind you, it was four years ago the last time I went to a game here, and now that I'm back, I hope nothing's changed, especially with the Olympics coming up.
  9. I guess that's my fault for not taking the time to read back through the whole thread. I'm glad you know the difference, and I'm sorry for having lumped you in with the huge number of Canadians who don't.
  10. I'd prefer something with Fundy in the name.
  11. It baffles me how many people don't know the difference.
  12. Then there are people like me (old) who don't even know what an app is. Companies and people that assume everyone knows as much about modern technology as they do should realize old people like me haven't all died off yet. I hope to be still chugging along for a few more ...[gasp] agghhhhhhhhh. [thud]
  13. I signed in as Supercanuck, and it didn't like my password. When I got a temporary password emailed to me, my name and profile from 2007 came up. Oh well, work with the hand you're dealt. Now I just have to remember this old name and a new password. I'm so old I can hardly remember my actual name.
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