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  1. I take it you're not part of the cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off crowd.
  2. I agree. I was on the side of reason in that debate! Edit: I just read that a second time and laughed all over again. Thank you.
  3. My only encounter with him was once when he butted into a thread just to swear at me. Admittedly, the topic was something contentious like whether sandwiches should be cut horizontally or diagonally, and he stuck his nose in to tell me to f*** off.
  4. At least you can get her interested in going to TFC games, and you're lucky enough to have a Premier League team within easy reach. My wife's going to the rugby game with me, but it's the first sporting event she's been willing to go to for about twelve years.
  5. I was thinking of going to that game. A chance to see the All Blacks v Anyone plus the ground is an hour from my place, but then I thought I don't want to fork out a wad of cash to watch our boys get the stuffing knocked out of them, especially the way they've been playing for the last three years, so I'm going to Canada v Namibia. They just released some more tickets. There are tickets available now to any game that doesn't say "no tickets available." In other words, if the little thing on the right side of the page is yellow, you're in luck. If you don't have any luck, send me a message.
  6. I bought Rugby World Cup tickets last night. My wife's taken me out of the doghouse and stuffed me into a hamster cage.
  7. Yea, but the airport across the road would add to the atmosphere.
  8. You owe me a cup of coffee, since I just spewed mine all over the kitchen table.
  9. When I read that, I was literally like, you know, so my friend goes, and I was like totally...
  10. Things have changed a wee bit in the last 1000 or so years.
  11. I was just browsing, but I signed in just to agree with this. "Could care less" is almost as bad as 'irregardless' or mixing up 'then' and 'than.'
  12. That's the best round, brown table in modern football, and I have to say it's at its best at 3:15.
  13. I got to see some extended highlights on YouTube of Pacific beating Calgary. That's some fine stadium porn.
  14. My wife's been frowning at me since I dragged her all the way out to Langford on Remembrance Day from our hotel in James Bay just to see where they were going to start construction eventually.
  15. I've been to Victoria in October. I seem to recall a couple of raindrops. You might want to take a box of purple ponchos and stand behind that section. You could make enough for a couple of beers. (Do people in Langford say, "a coupla beer" or are they too upmarket for that these days?) And yes, I replied within 60 seconds because I just happened to be sitting here drooling over that picture. I can't wait until that stadium's finished. Oh, and when you finish selling the ponchos, although a ladder or even a stool would be preferable, you could give the box to the cameraman so he has something to stand on.
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