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  1. That's the best round, brown table in modern football, and I have to say it's at its best at 3:15.
  2. I got to see some extended highlights on YouTube of Pacific beating Calgary. That's some fine stadium porn.
  3. My wife's been frowning at me since I dragged her all the way out to Langford on Remembrance Day from our hotel in James Bay just to see where they were going to start construction eventually.
  4. I've been to Victoria in October. I seem to recall a couple of raindrops. You might want to take a box of purple ponchos and stand behind that section. You could make enough for a couple of beers. (Do people in Langford say, "a coupla beer" or are they too upmarket for that these days?) And yes, I replied within 60 seconds because I just happened to be sitting here drooling over that picture. I can't wait until that stadium's finished. Oh, and when you finish selling the ponchos, although a ladder or even a stool would be preferable, you could give the box to the cameraman so he has something to stand on.
  5. When the autumn season starts, knowing what the weather's like in Victoria, will tickets under the gap in the roof be discounted? As a fan of quirky little football grounds, I like it in a way. With grass and a grandstand on the 4th side at some point, this will be by far the best soccer stadium north of Mexico, despite the giant purple wall.
  6. I'm on a MacBook Air that is new, we bought it two months ago, but I'll try it on my phone, which is newer, in the morning. Thank you.
  7. Thank you. I wish they hadn't taken the camera offline. I've been very curious about the progress at Westhills.
  8. I gave up waiting to hear back from OneSoccer after emailing them a month ago. I decided to just sign up for a one-month free trial to see what it was like with my own eyes, and if I liked it, I was going to sign up for a year. They took my credit card information for a free trial, and then sent me an email telling me that I was all signed up, although for what I'm not sure. The page I was on then changed to this. The 'sign out' button at the top right indicates to me that I must be signed in. I wanted to see what was currently available on their site, but the only other choices on the page were 'subscribe' and 'back.' Going back didn't do anything useful, and 'subscribe' took me to the page I had just been on when I signed up. So far, these guys aren't any better than DAZN for me. I've emailed them again, but I'm not holding my breath. I'm 300 years old. Am I missing something obvious?
  9. I'm also curious, and just tried the same thing.
  10. I hope they’re better than DAZN. I signed up, and can’t sign in. Password changed, restarted the computer, still nothing. I’m not convinced that having services like this taking over sports from TV is the best idea.
  11. Yes, Valor is for our American friends, but the name of the team is Valour.
  12. I've emailed OneSoccer, but I haven't got an answer to my question yet, so if anyone can shed some light on this, it would be appreciated. I haven't had a chance to sign up for OneSoccer until now. If I sign up for a year, is that a calendar year or just to the end of the CPL season? A calendar year for that price is a bargain, but if it's just until the end of the CPL season at this point, I'd go for the monthly plan. I haven't seen a single minute of a single match yet, and it's driving me nuts. Thank you
  13. I'd agree it's a business if it went the franchise route of every other North of Mexico sports leagues, where expansion fees are the only thing leagues really care about. The Canadian Premier League is, as it should be, not a business, but a group of people promoting the sport in this country.
  14. I just threw lacrosse out there at the end as an example of what someone might do with their money. They could contribute to a team CFL team in The Maritimes, or anything else. The point I was making was about the Canadian Premier League's lack of French content, and I didn't even mention a lacrosse league by name. I'm pretty sure the Quebec Senior Lacrosse league has plenty of French content, and the National Lacrosse League isn't Canadian anyway.
  15. I don't participate in petty, schoolyard arguments.

    "It is only the intellectually lost whoever argue."  From The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde

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