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  1. I would certainly not compare Osorio to a horrible turd like Marchand. He's more of an Esa Tikkanen (but a lot easier to understand).
  2. Now I know how to say, 'roadrunner' in Indonesian. Thanks. I just sent this to an Indonesian friend.
  3. We've sure come a long way from being outnumbered every game, even when there were only about 4,000 at Swangard.
  4. Foreigner: You live in Canada, and you only have one winter coat? Canadian: I only need one winter coat. I'm Canadian.
  5. He does commentary for Paramount TV. I found their feed on rojadirecta. http://www.rojadirecta.me/ He was funny, knew what he was talking about, and very un-Vic-Rautery.
  6. This is excellent. Thank you. Tough luck, Pedro, and it only got worse for you after that. Even your cheating shenanigans aren't going to stop us.
  7. I see he's from Leeds. He doesn't sound like a Yorkshireman, but he might have moved dowrn sourth at a young age. Going from Vic Rauter saying "squib" every five minutes while Canada try to qualify in front of 4,000 people at Swangard to Lloyd Sam with that atmosphere at BMO is like night and day.
  8. They still have some work to do to get even close to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras of the late 80's.
  9. Which one of Panama's 11 black players made a racial slur against one of our black players?
  10. Jamaican commentator: "The crowd enjoying themselves, maybe with some poutine." This guy's been excellent.
  11. Who decides this sort of thing? Is it a directive from the brass, or is there a vote amongst a bunch of representatives from countries who won't want VAR?
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