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Titles on Different Continents


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Fluminese won the Copa Libertadores yesterday, which means Marcelo has won the continental title in Europe(Real Madrid) and South America(Fluminese). I don't believe he's the only one, but who else has done it, and has anyone done three different continents?

Also, I was reading again recently about Lutz Pfannenstiel, and as we likely all know he played on every continent.  What about domestic titles?  Who has won domestic titles/trophies on different continents?

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7 hours ago, rydermike said:

Sebastian Giovinco won Serie A, MLS, and the Saudi League

Nice, that's trophies on three continents.  Surely that can't be topped.... but may be equalled?

(honestly, because I'm a stat geek, I'd love it to be bettered :))

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