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Happy Days Canada

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Came up with a new idea for a chant, inspired by Alenjandro's roster ideas for WCQ on the podcast: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1072288/8088719

It's a nervous time for me, having suffered through the decades, but my new friend Alejandro  @craquehandro gives me new hope.

Here's to some day soon singing this in a stadium, enjoying another beatdown of a rival on our way to the top of the OCTO!

Happy Days Canada - call and response to the tune of the "Happy Days" Theme Song

Call                                Response 

Phonzie! Richie! - Happy Days
Attiba! Scotty- Happy Days
David! Larin! - Happy Days

Together -
What  a Team,! It's a Dream!
Scoring More Goals Than You!!

Good Bye Gray Skies, Hello Blue.

We're Going to the World Cup in 22!

Yours and Mine Happy Days


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15 minutes ago, Olympique_de_Marseille said:

The variety of font colours and sizes and the randomness of this post are reminiscent of a certain Robert.... :D

It's not him. (Unless he's smartened up)

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