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Scotland turns down Spanish raised player


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I think that the way you phrased it was that Scotland turned down a spanish raised player, but it's totally false. They've called a player to the youth team often before and chose to not call him this time. IF it's for you to show that we shouldn't call the likes of (insert player here), it's a really weak attempt.


It's like if Canada stopped to call Aleman and said Canada turns down Costa Rican born player. It's not really true. They chose not to call the player in that instance, but it's not like they turned him down because of that.

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Harper started for RM in the Spain u-19 championship playoff semi-final, which they lost 2-1 to Espanyol two days ago.


As mentioned in the article, if the kid was signed from a modest Málaga club at 13 and is still at Madrid after 6 years it is incredible, it is very hard to have any continuity as they do weed out players yearly and bring new ones in. So he must have a lot of skill, discipline and competitive spirit. He is on the A team, and is the second leading scorer.


And Madrid produces very high quality strikers through their academy, even better than Barça for example. Maybe you just saw Morata at Juve the other day.


Every coach has the right to make his team, but the reasons given are pathetic and insulting, especially if you are talking about a squad of 20 field players.

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