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Help wanted: legal high-quality football online?


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So I have had enough of my TV bill and only really have ever held on because of the (albeit terribly small number of) footy matches on my extended cable package.

So...instead of bouncing around from poor-stream to poor-stream, trying to stay one step ahead of the legal guys shutting them down, is there a subscription service I can get to watch EPL live online or at my leisure? I'd be happy to watch Champion's League and other world football in this manner as well, if available.

Any ideas?

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Channel 67 can be expensive but is brilliant. Very good to excellent quality. Of course it's only Celtic though. If you've a specific club you follow in the UK I'd imagine some of the larger ones will have their own web-channels as well. Sometimes content gets limited due to TV obligations but for the most part maybe worth looking into.

Setanta-i is probably the best bet. Same price as Setanta Canada from your cable provider (definitely not HD though) and some of the programing is different, not much but some so research 1st. Decent quality. Not great, just decent.

Won't save any cash by subscribing to Setanta-i but you can drop all the extended cable add-ons you have to buy in order to get Setanta Canada.

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Despite not being your exact request, I can recommend you the following two sites.



I've used both sites for a couple years now, neither have been brought down once from what I've seen (the rare time a stream will go down for a few minutes, but very rare from my own experience) and both tend to offer very decent quality streams when discussing free sites. Firstrow tends to offer multiple streams per events, some of HD quality but I find the SD broadcasts using the Veetle plugin are very solid quality in comparison to what a TV provider would give you, so I'm happy either way.

I've used them both primarily for NHL and NFL viewing....cancelling my Cable TV service last September and not regretting it once. I'm a diehard NFL fan, watching all day long on Sundays and this certainly does the trick for me than paying through the nose for a Sports package with Rogers.

If you read this post anytime in the next hour or so of me posting, check out the Red Wings vs Flyers game. It's a SD broadcast using the Veetle plugin and you can judge that quality as the "average" you'll see on these two sites.

As for being "legal", it's not "illegal" to watch, so outside of that I don't care. :)



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You can also go to myp2p.eu for live games carried on many different "networks" and through many different programs. I downloaded SopCast and then go to myp2p.eu. Select the sopcast english broadcast with the highest bitrate and never have an issue.

I also use atdhe.net, and I do find it has problems but generally is very good. I've never used firstrow.net but will go try it tomorrow for EPL!

I don't have cable, and after scouring the internet find all my favourite shows on legal sites and favourite sports through atdhe and myp2p.

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