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WC2022 Qatar + others?


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Taking a "I'll believe it when I see it" approach about this whole Qatar 2022 thing. You kind of get the feeling stories/suspicions surrounding the awarding of the Finals aren't ever going to go away nor are some of the very legitimate concerns about the location.

Not saying Qatar will lose the finals any time soon, just saying it wouldn't take too much of a turn with in FIFA to scuttle the venture at some point down the road. Especially if some evidence of shady business can be dug up by parties interested in sinking a Qatar finals.

As to expanding the host location? Shrug. That's Blatter's FIFA. Making it all up as they go along.

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I Reckon after his Plattini Comment 95% of neutral English football fans would "JUST LOVE IT!" if Blackpool could finish high enough in the EPL to make European competition next season; If only to see Ollie and "Le Chien de Lap"* Plattini the same confrence room together,

Presonally I'd give Hollaway the England Job next week. Forget the results. Just enjoy the entertainment!

*It's Franglaise for (Blatters) Lap dog

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